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New York is the major commerce and trade hub across the world. Being the world’s foremost city for international finance, culture, politics and entertainment, it welcomes huge number of people from across the world. City offers a lot to its visitors in terms of entertainment, culture, lodging and food. NYC becomes the chief destination for hosting parties, social events, conferences and many other functions. NYC has many hotels, restaurants and other event spaces in order to organize the parties and events. It offers various kinds of restaurants that one could possibly imagine. The restaurants vary in different range as per your budget.

There are some exotic restaurants in NYC that offer private space for organizing parties and conferences. Their private rooms are designed and decorated beautifully with comfortable chairs, tables and cushions. They provide adequate staff and support with unmatchable services and menu bar is striking. They offer best cuisines of US as well as other world’s cuisines. Some of the well-known restaurants in NYC are: Buddha Bar, STK and Tao.

Buddha Bar: It is just an ideal restaurant for hosting private parties. The interior comprises of wood plank floor covering, low seating, bamboo elements and huge chandeliers. Its menu contains seasonal cuisines incorporated with the French essence and Asian flavors. The Black Buddha statue is the major attraction of this restaurant.

STK NYC: With the heart of greenmarket eatery this restaurant combines with energetic beats of city center lounge. The menu offer fresh ingredient with traditional American cuisines. It brought new life in lively areas ‘Meatpacking District’ of Manhattan. It has seating of 200 people at one time in main dinning room while the upper suites is befit for private party with lesser seating arrangements. It offers an ideal setting for private parties and some special corporate events.

Tao: Tao’s waterfalls, century old stones and woods, lush velvet and silks, attracts the guests from the city of Sin to Pacific Rim. It has wide collection of Buddha’s statues in every corner. Nightclub is decorated with red chandeliers and comprises of Monk Bar that has a wall decorated with approx three hundred monks and carved candles. It has a lounge of around 400 seats and menu incorporates dishes from Japan, Thailand and China. They offer private space for private parties that can be decorated according to the party theme. The staff services are excellent as per the party environment that makes your party a smash hit that could be remembered by all the guests for long period of time.

So, if you are planning to host a party and looking for restaurants, then NYC offers some good restaurants as per the requirements. You can host a smashing party with excellent amenities of these restaurants at most competitive price. So, when are you planning to throw a party in restaurants in NYC?

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