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Here Cookie Cookie has searched and researched what is available in top quality cookware and bakeware through the online market and have chosen to represent Gourmet Standard. Their products are made from the highest quality materials, with craftsman standards and durability.

Gourmet Standard started their business in 1998 and has met or surpassed all their competitions quality and standards. Not only are you getting the absolutly best in cookware, but also their prices are very competitive. Their "out of the box" thinking has produced innovative, trend setting and an exceptional usable product. Because of their continual push to create new and exciting cookware their growth has been phenomenal. Many of their customers have become brand-loyal repeat customers.

Cook’s Illustrated.Com recently tested the top brands of sauté pans. They compared them to the 2001 winner of sauté pans, All Clad. All Clad’s price for their sauté pan was over twice what their competitors were charging. After putting all these pans through rigorous tests, all the pans were very close in performance. Placing the pans on a very hot surface, heat the pans to 450 to 500 degrees, then adding a very cold steak, finally tested the pans. But before the steaks were added the preheat time was checked and Gourmet Standard was a close second place. When tested for heat retention and recovery the pans with the clad-style construction stood out. Gourmet Standard was a near–tie to All Clad. If it wasn’t for All Clad’s helper handle Gourmet Standard might have won. Gourmet Standard’s sauté pan now comes with a helper handle.

Clad design (Tri-Ply) is a layering of different metals. Layering of metals creates a more even heat distribution. The interior and exterior is a highly polished stainless steel with a solid aluminum core extending from the bottom to of the drip-free edge. Not only is the construction of this cookware beyond industry standard, they are beautiful to look at. Their Copper Tri-Ply cookware is absolutely gorgeous in design, with an exterior made of copper, an excellent distributor of heat.

Other cookware designs offered are their Copper Bottom collection. This collection incorporates the rapid heat transfer of copper, the even heat distribution of aluminum and the durability of easy-to–clean stainless steel. All cookware use non-corrosive rivets to attach the stainless steel handles. And finally Gourmet Standard offers a line of affordable stainless steel cookware called, Culinary Choice Stainless. The cookware bottoms are encapsulated aluminum surrounded by stainless steel. These pans also come with a non-stick coating on some pieces.

Gourmet Standard has put this Tri-Ply technology into their bakeware, creating a functional and appealing product. A stainless steel line is also available at an economical price.

Gourmet Standard meets all our qualifications as a professional or a home gourmet cookware that will be a delight to display and cook with. Their prices are excellent for a professional quality product. We believe Gourmet Standard will meet or exceed all your cooking expectations.

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