Eating Dark Chocolate

"Any sane person loves chocolate."
-Writer Bob Greene

The Value of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, sometimes refered to as plain chocolate, is manufactured by adding fat and sugar to the cacao bean, without milk being added. Some would say milk contaminates the purity of the cacao bean. Perhaps they are right, I won't argue though! If you are going to eat chocolate, then choose a dark chocolate candy bar or the same in smaller quantity. It is one of the many varieties of chocolate available today, not necessarily everyone's favorite, but definately a healthy choice. You can purchase bars, truffles, drinks, and more. The awesome thing about this is, no matter what form you choose, you can still enjoy the heath benefits of dark chocolate.

There are quite a few different benefits offered by dark chocolate. Not only is it delicious, but for one it can be used to enhance moods. This should be law on Mondays! If you ever feel down in the dumps you can eat some chocolate and it can make you feel better, as proven medically. Just look in the face of a child who's crying and put chocolate on the tongue and you'll see! Chocolate actually contains quite a few different chemicals that are associated with happy emotions. Holidays, like christmas, Easter and Valentines Day are a perfect examples of happy celebrations that include all kinds of chocolate.

Dark chocolate is also full of antioxidants, which can help prevent heart disease, and lower blood pressure, and improve blood flow like the plant phenols(anti-oxidants) from the cocoa plant. I have read that pure dark chocolate has more anti-oxidants than red wine.

Keep in mind that if you want to get the most benefits from your dark chocolate, you should buy it in its pure form because other forms of chocolate have been manufactured with additives that have removed parts of the pure chocolate. You can talk to your doctor for more information on this, but they will definitely agree and tell you that there are many health benefits offered by chocolate, dark and other types.

"Nine out of ten people like chocolate.
The tenth person always lies."
-Artist/cartoonist John Q. Tullius

Just as with wine, which is supposedly healthy to drink a glass of it a day, but not healthy if you splurge with it, the same applies to eating dark chocolate, or any other type of chocolate. A bit of it will be good for you but too much of it will add layers to your waist line! Moderation keeps the smile and the opportunity to have more.

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