How To Make A Chocolate Gift Basket

Everybody loves chocolate, and chocolate gift baskets filled with luxurious, gourmet goodies are a particularly lovely and thoughtful present. However, buying a chocolate gift basket from a shop can be expensive and you may be restricted in your choice of the chocolate that is included. Not everybody likes gourmet chocolate. Some people may have dietary requirements such as diabetic, low or no sugar, low fat or dairy-free chocolate. Making your own chocolate gift basket allows you to create a very personalised gift - you can include only their favourites.

Tips For Making That Special Chocolate Gift Basket
So how easy is it to make your own chocolate gift basket? Very easy following these simple steps.
1) You will need a basket - remember it will need to be deep enough to hold filler as well as the chocolates.
2) The basket can be left plain, especially if it a beautiful wicker or willow basket, or if you want a rustic or country look. You could also decorate the basket. Here are a few decorating suggestions; a) To paint the basket, use a spray acrylic paint so that coverage is even. Depending on the type of basket, stencilling can look very effective. b) Find some napkins with images that you like. Cut out several images and peel away the plys so you are left with just the top layer. Using either PVA glue or specialised decoupage glue, stick the images in position. When dry, cover the pictures with several thin layers of PVA or decoupage finish. You can choose the napkins to match the holiday season. For example, for an Easter gift for Grandma, use cute little chicks and bright spring colours. c) The same method can be used with fabric. This is particularly effective if you intend to line the basket with the same fabric. d) Silk flowers, bows and ribbons can be stiffened by dipping into fabric stiffener. Allow to dry and stiffen, then glue onto the basket with a hot glue gun.
3) Add filler (shredded tissue paper or coloured paper) to coordinate with both the basket and the wrappings of the chocolates.
4) As an alternative to filler, line the basket with fabric.
5) Arrange your selection of chocolate goodies and wrap with cellophane.

Gift baskets can also include chocolate themed articles like chocolate scented candles, soap, and bubble bath. For winter gifts add some hot chocolate, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows. Some shops will put the recipients name on the chocolate (especially Easter Eggs) or the wrappings to make a truly personalised gift.

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