My Best Chocolate Candy Bars

As children we all had our favorite best chocolate bars. For me it was one thing, for my friends another. We all hovered around the same top three best chocolate bars at that time. They were the Snickers, Baby Ruth and the Musketeer chocolate candy bars. Although another favorite of mine was Hershey's milk chocolate almond candy bar.

Man, that was back in the day when we could buy a chocolate candy bar for .35 cents and a soda for .55 cents and still get some penny candy all for under a dollar! I am old, it has finally happened, I am old. But I still like my favorite chocolate candy bars.

The Best Chocolate Candy Bars

1. Snickers Candy Bars
2. Hersheys Candy Bars
3. Baby Ruth Candy Bars

First up is the Snickers bar. This bar is made by the company Mars, Inc. and has existed since 1930. Named for one of the Mars families horses, it has been popular since. It used to be known as Marathon outside the US, but that name was changed to Snickers. Why is this one of the best chocolate bars ever made, well because it is delicious that’s why!

Peanuts, nougat, caramel all covered in milk chocolate make this bar have a little bit of everything all in perfect balance. I love the crunchiness of the nuts mixed with the chewy caramel and nougat. The nuts and caramel separate it from the bland and boring Three Musketeers and Milky Way. There are certain times I crave a good chocolate bar, and only a Snickers will do. For that it ranks high on my list of best chocolate bars.

Second on the list is the Hershey chocolate almond bar. This bar is the my favorite Chocolate Bar and the one that is simple but satisfying. The first bar was introduced in 1894 and while variations exist, when one wants a good old fashioned American chocolate bar, Hershey, is the one to enjoy.

Finally, there's the Baby Ruth. A little historical fact floating around is that the Baby Ruth chocolate candy bar was named after Ruth Cleveland, President Clevelands daughter. Some think it was named after Babe Ruth, but either way it is one of my favorites that I got many cavities eating.

So, this may not be your pick, but they are representations of a time when health and chocolate eating were not on everyone's mind as today. They were meant for a snack, not your main meal. These were the top ones you went for at halloween too. So, what's your favorite?

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