Salon Du Chocolate In Paris

The event, which is firstly hosted by the French capital city and then moves all around the world (there will be a salon du chocolat in Moscow, Tokyo, and New York), celebrates its 14th edition as an important opportunity for its over 400 participants, who are all united by the same mission: that of make people appreciate chocolate even more than they normally do. And this edition is expected to be particularly significant, as the number 14 is traditionally linked to Paris and to chocolate, too. Valentine’s day, the lovers’ feast, who very often exchange chocolate gifts, is on the 14th February, while the 14th July is the French National Feast; moreover, the French king Louis XIV was well-known also for his gluttony. And for this reason this year’s exhibition will extend on 14,000 m², and will host 140 chocolatiers, coming from all over the world.

The feast will certainly be great, and indeed the calendar of the events is richer and more diversified than ever: apart from the exhibition spaces where the last innovations of the field will be presented, there will also be many other events which will all be linked by the same theme, chocolate, but which, being very peculiar and different from each other, will make the salon du chocolat varied and interesting for everyone.

Visiting the exposition spaces visitors will have the opportunity to look into the history of chocolate, its origin and development, and to better understand its production, and how it is possible to transform a bean into magic food. But this is only the beginning: chocolate is not only seen as something to eat, but also as an useful instrument to highlight beauty, as something to wear, and last but not least, as something to express our own creativity. The chocolate fair will host a presentation about how cocoa-butter contributes to beauty and health, and chocolate will be taken in consideration as important nourishment. Beauty and aesthetic will also be the main features of the amazing fashion show which will present the chocolate clothes and accessories created by the most important world chocolatier, to give evidence of the fact that taste and creativity can meet and give extraordinary results. This idea is highlighted also by an exhibition displaying paintings, sculptures and poetry trying to convey the expressions and feelings of people while tasting this delicious food. And if all this is not enough, and you wish to admire something even weirder, visit the wall of chocolate graffiti, drawn with chocolate sprays, or enjoy the dance show performed by cocoa-producer peoples.

The ones who would like to experience chocolate in a more traditional way, i.e. as something delicious and useful to prepare cakes and other recipes, will appreciate the recipes demonstration, during which great chefs will prepare fabulous dishes in front of an enthusiastic audience.

In conclusion, if you wish to add sweetness to your life, the salon du chocolat is the ideal for you!

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Tickets: 12 euro, reduced tickets for children 3-12 years old, free for children under 3 years old
Date: 29th October - 2nd November 2008
Location: Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles

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