Common Ingredients Used For Pizza Pie Toppings

Pizza are commonly known as Pizza Pie in America. Pizza is a Neapolitan cuisine which is very popular in many different parts of the world. It is flat but usually round bread that is covered with tomato sauce and often cheese which is baked in oven. The toppings of the pizza pie are optional. "Pizzeria "is a place where pizzas are made and sold but in United States and Canada the phrase pizza "parlor" is used. Pizzas can be baked in an electric deck oven, baked in a gas oven with stone bricks above the heat source or, a conveyor belt oven or, in the case of more expensive restaurants a wood- or coal-fired brick oven.

Common Ingredients used for the pizza toppings are listed below:
In the 20th century pizza has become an international food the variety of toppings is used extensively to meet local variations in taste. the same basic design of pizzas consist of diverse choice of ingredients, such as coconut, Sauerkraut, eggplant pineapple, banana, kimchi, lamb, couscous ,meats prepared in styles such as shawarma or chicken tikka masala, Moroccan lamb. Pizzas are normally eaten at lunch or at dinner. Pizzas eaten at breakfast are topped with ingredient like scrambled eggs.

New York style pizza
In New York City pizzas are generally sold in oversized, thin and flexible slices. Pizzas are traditionally moderate on sauce, hand-tossed, and moderately covered with cheese. The pizza slices are sometimes eaten folded in half or stacked according to its size and flexibility. In the metropolitan area of New York many pizza establishments offer two varieties of pizza namely the "Neapolitan" or "regular" which is made with a relatively thin and a circular crust that are served in wedge-shaped slices while the "Sicilian" or "Square" pizzas are made with a thicker and a rectangular crust and are served in large, rectangular slices.

This type of pizza is also popularly known as the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. This pizza generally consists of a crust; this crust from both the sides is formed of a deep-dish pan. Various ingredients and layer of cheese along with sausage is used in this type of the pizza. This pizza is very famous through out the globe for its taste. It definitely is mouth watering. This pizza is also often named as "Stuffed" pizza pie as it has two crust layer with cheese and sausage. The crust of this pizza is generally of thin type. It is generally baked in a deep pan, which helps to keep it hot and fresh for a longer duration.

Pepperoni pizza pie
Pepperoni pizza pie is also one of the most famous types of pizza used in the world. As the name suggests it consists a layer of pepperoni over it. It is one of the most highly consumed pizza and mostly in America. It also comes in a pan and is very mouth watering and tasty. It is just simply irresistible. It consist of layer of melted cheese with makes it even tastier.

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