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Do you want to know the world's most famous fast foods dish? Pizza, oops! i just gave you the answer. It's popularity is un comparable to no other dish today. It's the most ancient dish in history and represents a rich European culture. Commonly, it's described as a round-baked dish with a variety of toppings.

Today, this dish is in different types and thus it's impossible to list all the kinds of recipes. However, the most common pizza recipe is as follows; Firstly, dissolve yeast in warm water. In a different bowl, add flour, sugar, salt and the yeast solution together with olive oil. Blend it with a fork until the stiffness of the dough increases and using your hand, add the remaining flour. When the mixture takes a shape of the ball, let it rise in a draft free place till it doubles in size.

The next step is to prepare a presto sauce combining all the ingredients except for cheese. Please remember to take care while processing to avoid creating puree. Put the onions and pepper in olive oil that is over medium heat water in a skillet. Stir the mixture and after draining it, break the sausages as they cook. Make sure you remove excess and unwanted fats.

Using a 12-inch pizza pan that is pre heated to 400 degrees, spread olive oil and sprinkle corn meal. Using a rolling pin, spread the pizza and punch it down. Bake it for around 5 minutes and take care not to over or under bake. When baked, spread your presto sauce over the dough and evenly crumble presto goat cheese over it. Finally, add cheese and sausages, bake for about 10 minutes or until the crust is slightly browned and the cheese is bubbly.

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