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Pizza has a long, complex and dubious story that normally invigorates sizzling debate. Pizza as we know it now started out in Naples in the Campania neighborhood of Italy but the exact chronological succession through the many flavored flatbreads of the aging and early Mediterranean to the delicacy we now call pizza is not fully understood.
Pizza spread to America, France, England and Spain, where it was out of place until after the big war. While visiting Italian areas, many US and European young man and women tasted Pizza for the first time. It was love at first taste! In United States Italian immigrants had been trading Pizzas in their American groceries for a few years. Finally the returning unlisted men pulled the Pizzas out of the little Italian neighborhoods into the ordinary of city living all over the continent. In fact, the square "Sicilian Pizza" which is so popular is an American innovation. Real Sicilian Pizza has no cheese.
They also started to use new tools such as mezzo. Mezzo is a chopping up tool consisting of a solitary or double curled blade with a handle on each end. They are often used for chopping up herbs or very big single blade versions are usually used for pizza or pesto. Mezzo means "half moon" in Italian, after the rough configuration of the blade, and is the most commonplace name used in the UK. Other names used include simply herb chopper. You may find them offered with a wooden block that has a shallow indentation in it. This is very useful for chopping herbs.

Characteristics of a Hand Tossed New York Pizza.

One of the features of the New York style pizza that genuinely does set it apart from other styles is the style in which it is served. The usual New York style pizza is served by offering the diner a very large slice. In fact, normally the slice is so wide that the New York style pizza lover will fold the generous, skinny piece of pizza pie over forming something of a pizza sandwich.The fresh cheese used by New York pizzeria restaurants, what makes a good New York Style pizza unique from all different kinds of pizza is also responsible for its golden buttery drops. Thin crust that is consists of wonderful dough also makes it different from different types of pizza. It is a wonderful crust that tapers down to a crispy crust Historically, it is covered with light tomato sauce, heavy on the mozzarella , and topped with handfuls of basil and a variety of toppings like eggplant and green peppers.

Without any particular order here is a sample of pizza places in New York City to visit.

Luigi's Pizza 304 8th Ave, 10001, (212) 242-2259

A-1 Pizza Shop 505 Grand St, 10002, (212) 533-0214

Verona Pizza 166 2nd Ave, 10003, (212) 674-5286

Pizza of Hanover Sq, 10004, (212) 425-4442

Mike's Pizza 415 2nd Ave, 10010, (212) 532-5196

Rudy Pizzeria & Restaurant 174 H Ester St, 10013, (212) 941-1025

Sutton Pizzeria 1140 1st Ave, 10021, (212) 838-5080

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