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Beware of this Viet restaurant! Today, together with an office colleague, it was our 1st time patronizing "hanoi" (a Vietnamese Restaurant located in 100AM).  Both of us ordered a $9.90++ "Wednesday" Set Lunch we saw from a promotion poster placed outside their entrance.  After our order was taken (without anything unusual been told by the waitress), both of us were each served a plate of fried rice with 3 small prawns, a small soup bowl and a glass of drink in less than 10 minutes.   However, we were short served of one dish each – supposedly a dish consisting of two piece seafood roll in sugarcane stick (see red circle in our picture uploaded) .  When we questioned the waitress about the delayed dishes, she brought her lady manager to take our query.  To our disappointment, the manager simply exculpated herself without feeling apologetic when she told us that the additional dish will not be served at all and blamed it on a print-error in their ad poster and leaflets.  Despite our suggestion to her that we are willing to accept another dish in exchange or as compensation, she simply ignored our request and charged our meal at full price later.  We found this restaurant unscrupulous since they conducted their business in a dishonest manner and is purely cheating on us, perhaps "naively".
Tasty, generous and cheap. Everything a staple Vietnamese restaurant should be. I've tasted a lot of pho. I am a self-confessed pho addict! This place is just amazing.I can't go past ordering the special beef pho.
this is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that serves wholesome homeland meals from North Vietnam which keep women slender and attractive. One of their specialities is noodle dish, for one can’t says that he has been to Hà Nội Vietnamese Restaurant if he hasn’t tasted this noodle! no MSG, no colourants and no preservatives.
Authentic Vietnamese delicacies, dishes made with fresh ingredients daily. I like best is their Hanoi Beef Noodle Soup & the Vietnamese spring roll.
For some authentic vietnamese cuisine, you can check out this place.. I don't really fancy viet food but when I tried this place, i had a change of heart. I liked how the dishes are served in such a way that its big enough to fill up your happy tummy. Its another healthy option for those who are a bit conscious.
Enjoy Authentic Vietnamese cuisine, which served homeland meals with no MSG, no colourants and no preservatives to keep you stay healthy ! Love it !
With an innate understanding and passion for healthy Vietnamese inspired food culture, Hanoi's cooking methods often involve steaming or stir-frying.
Craving for some Vietnamese food? Look no further! You must try their noodles. It doesn't get more authentic than this!
Authentic Vietnamese cuisine, served homeland meals from north Vietnam, no MSG, no colourants and no preservatives to keep you stay healthy
Hanoi Pho FnB Pte Ltd Welcome to Ha Noi Pho. Our restaurant specializes in authentic Vietnamese cuisine, and other popular Asian dishes. Located in the business community, we will be open daily for lunch, dinner and take-out. Always striving to serve you better.
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