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Ishi Mura is a Japanese-themed foodstreet which was first launched at Yishun Northpoint. It specializes in bringing fresh, quality and affordable Japanese cuisine to the table. With the equipment specially shipped in from Japan, you can be sure to taste authentic Japanes food. This definitely enchances the fact that freshness is a part of Ishi Mura's promise to the customers.
Ishi Mura is one of the recommended places to go to for authentic japanese cuisine! they have a branch at Northpoint mall. :)
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13 Feb 2013 15:35:11
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Ishi Mura is one of the recommended places to go to for authentic japanese cuisine! they have a branch at Northpoint mall. :)
Fancy some japanese food Try the okonomiyaki here. Not only that they got the normal flavour with some katsuobushi and mayonnaise sauce. They also have seafood okonomiyaki and salmon okonomiyaki, and sausauge and and many many more ! ...Other than the vegetable type of okonomiyaki, they also have it in noodle style, probably to serve customer that prefer to have those carbohydrate meal. Learn from Wiki that okonomiyaki - the okonomi actually means to order "what you like" or "What you what" , this make me feel so boss like haha .
Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake that contained different types of ingredients. I enjoy eating it but the Okonomiyaki at this place was a disappointment. The taste of the pancake tasted quite bland containing the shredded cabbage. The cooked Okonomiyaki was decorated with the thick sauce together with the seaweed flakes, bonito flakes and mayonnaise. The texture of the pancake was a little too wet as i prefer it to be drier with a slight crisp. This would be the only time as i am not keen to try again.
I almost forgot to write this review on my favourite food court at Northpoint, Ishi Mura i still find their food value for money and affordable! I met up with Mel after my exams to have dinner there Both of us got the stone bowl chicken rice Its always pipping hot and sizzling! I love the side of it where the rice will be slightly burn, its call 渦粑!Its somewhat like crispy rice slices, very nice I was there quite late that day around 8 plus. If you\'re late there for dinner like us, you should stay and wait! I always wait for it to be 9.30 where the staff would put the sign for 30% off all remaining sushi!!! My strategy would be to check out what\'s left first, whether any im still interested in so that i don\'t waste time! After that when the time is right you chiong to the sushi! Oh and its best you grab a seat nearby That\'s me with my salmon sushi which is still fresh Yum, i love salmon taste great raw and cooked but not smoked as it\'ll be too salty!
Been wanting to write this review but i keep forgetting the food court name. For Northpoint shopping centre, usually for weekdays my mum would pack for me something from this foodcourt if she\'s there. This time, she bought me my favourite omu rice from one of the store. That store is really popular, there\'s always a queue for their omu rice. I love to eat their scallop omu rice coz i just love japanese scallop My mum would get the person to put a cream based sauce for me coz she knows i like it that way. Takeaways are addition $0.30 for it. However in total it\'s still quite cheap $7.10 in total. I love how they cook their omelette just nice on the rice. It\'s not too dry and it\'s soft and moist! The rice is nice too, i think garlic rice? it\'s very fragrant, not your usual plain rice I also really like how that they are quite generous with the amount of scallops. It\'s really shiok to finish every single mouthful of it
This Japanese-themed foodcourt on the level 3 extension of Northpoint Shopping Centre looks more like a restaurant on the outside. Which is why even though I have been working in Yishun, I never knew that Ishi Mura is a foodcourt until recently. An interesting concept of food stalls with an impressive variety of delicious Japanese food ranging from ramen to baked rice and omelette rice, pizza and pasta, okonomiyaki, bento and burger, sushi and sashimi etc, I decided to have the house special ramen after much hesitation. Reasonably priced,the house special ramen comes with a prawn, two scallops, a piece of char siew (braised meat) and half a braised egg. Filled with delightful seafood essence and a slight milky tinge, the special soup is sweet and flavorful and goes very well with the springy ramen. The authentic homemade chilli paste is remarkably spicy and savory. The fresh scallops and prawn are also juicy and tasty.
Me and my baby went over to North Point after finishing school, it was tiring and hungry and we decided to stop by ISHI MURA which was located at level 3 of North Point. We wanted to try something new so I brought myself a Seafood Pancake. The taste was rather refreshing as I\'ve not tried it before and I love the prawns! The serving was rather big and it was very fulfilling
Today, I went to Northpoint with my darling for a walk. As we walk around the shopping centre, we came across many restaurants and food stalls. At first, none of the food attracted us, until we saw Ishi Mura, a Japanese food court. The design of it is unique because the food court is not as bright as other food courts we have seen outside. So we chose to have dinner there. I ordered a plate of chicken omelette rice with curry and it was delicious. The serving was just nice for me and the curry was spread nicely. The omelette rice looks awesome, and it taste awesome too.. I thought it would be just omelette wrapping rice, but when I had my first bite, I was surprised to taste mushrooms. It was an wonderful dinner after my tired day and I will definitely patronize again !
came back from Malaysia. So i waited for him in yishun northpoint because he alight there. So while waiting for him, i went to look around yishun northpoint for restaurant for our dinner. So i came across Ishi Mura which is a japanese food street. So after he reached, we went into here and start ordering our food. I\'ve always love japanese pancake. So i ordered this Sausage Veg Pancake. Its really yummy and healthy, with all the vegetables and some sausages. Its only $5 and fully recommended to try this dish!
Yummy yummy okonomiyaki Fancy some japanese foodTry the okonomiyaki here. Not only that they got the normal flavour with some katsuobushi and mayonnaise sauce. They also have seafood okonomiyaki and salmon okonomiyaki, and sausauge and and many many more ! ...Other than the vegetable type of okonomiyaki, they also have it in noodle style, probably to serve customer that prefer to have those carbohydrate meal. Learn from Wiki that okonomiyaki - the okonomi actually means to order "what you like" or "What you what" , this make me feel so boss like haha .
well this place has a wide variety of japanese food~ good for gathering with friends i had honey baked ham veg pan cake. it was really tasty full of veges... covered by the ham.. and the egg~ the sauce was really nice~ with the mayo it was served with sea weeds and fish ... forgot whats that called.. overall worth it
the photo of food shown above is the japanese style pan fried cabbage with prawn. the prawns are super fresh. I love the prawn the most. other than that, i love the combination of the pan fried cabbage, teppanyaki, mayonaise sauce, fried egg, dry fish and dry seaweed. this dish are very refreshing too!
the photo of food shown above is the bento rice set that I usually would order. but i wont recommend friend and family to eat it too often because there is not much veggie served and the deep fried pork chop is quite oily. i not really like the chawanmushi steamed egg too. but i love the rice and soup they serve
I like to buy the California roll from ishi mura. Last time it was $2.50 per box. Now It’s a little more expensive, $2.70 or $2.90 can’t really remember. There are 8 pieces in a box. I think it is quite worth it. The ingredient they use are also quite fresh. Every time I bite into the California roll, I always get the crunch crunch sound from the cucumber inside.
This food is from the hot stone department. An avid fan of this cooking method where you will be sure that your food will be kept hot and boiling during your point of enjoying your food!Black pepper seafood don Anyway the rice tasted okay only. Quite small portion of rice and stuffs given. The sauce is very spicy until covers up all the other flavours.
The first time I visited this Japanese food court, the first thing i thought of was that it must be quite expensive to dine here. However, the price was reasonable for Japanese cuisine;D The vegetable pancake here is delicious;D I ordered the sausage vegetable pancake, which costs $5.00. Although, the price may be considered a little higher as compared to normal food courts, I felt it was definitely worth it.(: The taste is awesome, and the serving was just right. Moreover, it is healthier!;DI have ordered it for a number of times, and the taste is still as delicious^^ However, it will be better if they used back the hot stone bowl they used to serve the vegetable pancake in the last time. Then, the pancake will be able to remain hot for a longer period of time.(: But nonetheless, I will surely return for more;D
When i first saw Ishi Mura , i thought is was those typical restaurant again. The first thing in my mind is " I WANT TO GO IN, BUT EXPENSIVE " However, after a closer look, i realised that was not an restaurant but an FOOD COURT !!!! I WAS LIKE" omg" it this serious !? A JAP food court !!! I am a jap food lover, so i guess anyone who is a jap food lover too , will feel the same way as i felt. Then, i decided to walk and have a closer look , this food court is like occupied half of the story ! so inside there are... Different kind of Bento set rice Different variety of curry rice for you to choose Ramen Hot- stone plated rice Pasta and pizza Always take note i am still a (poor) student somemore now recession !!! T_T ok, so far i had try their curry rice $2.90 i feel that this was cheap !!! haha although not really worth it la! then the omu rice with vege $4.50 and chawamushi at $1 !!! and their spagetti which is a good combination of dish for Italian and Jap culture lol . i always repeat these order. hope that my parents can earn lottery so that i can have the KOUFU to try more expensive kind of food !!! haha Last but not least , i love the concept of having this jap food court !!! so Creative and special ! O ya! now they have extended with a small snack shop at a corner selling jap goodies ...guess my wallet is getting thinner again
this is beef and chicken cutlet bento set. When I visit the ishi mura (Japanese food court) located at level 3 north point. I will normally order this kind of bento rice set. the deep fried chicken cutlet is very popular order. however i will just order the deep fried item occasionally. I not really like the steamed egg (chawanmushi) they served. because I dont like the taste of it.
This is one of the popular dish from ishi mura North point Japanese food court. This is either fried with noodles or shredded cabbage. My friend and I like to eat this a lot! It is very nice! We always order different dish from the food court and share among ourselves. By doing this we can try out more delicious food!
They are having promotion for this salmon fish head rice so i just try. 1st, i find it too oily. 2nd there are plenty of fish bone which you need to take time to eat cautiously. 3rd, there are plenty of scales. Very tough for me to finish the whole bowl. Oily, fish bone and fish scales really spoilt my day and i will never try again.
Walked into this orange low lit japanese food court. The place was not crowded as it is already 8pm, my dinner time I ordered a pork belly okonomiyaki ~The serving was big. you can see a generous serving of vegetables and pork belly in the okonomiyaki. The overall taste was great too. With the correct mixture of the teriyaki sauce and mayonaise cream it makes the okonomiyaki more tastier. Another dish that you should order is salmon skin. It was not too hard nor oily and it cost only $1
i am quite a fan of japanese food, so when ishi mura opened in singapore, i was very thrilled. they sold one of the nicest japanese food i have eaten and the price is quite reasonable. i been there a couple of times and the food never fail to amaze me. their okonomiyaki is really good, served on a hot plate like dish. it keeps the food warm for a longer time. i love their generousity with their ingredients and toppings. i will always leave ishi mura with a huge and full stomach.
i went to ishi mura for some nice Japanese food. After the yummy men-ichi, my girlfriend and I were hooked on to Japanese food. Heard of this place so decided to give it a try. I ordered their beef bowl, apparently they served me on a Korean bibimbap stonepot. I love the rice that sticks to the pot, very crunchy. The rice is kept hot for a longer time. Yum!
This green tea ice cream is pretty average. They only sell two flavours there that are packaged properly. The spoon is attached to the inside of the cover. They claim its Hokkaido ice cream however it taste nothing like Azu Sabo and more. The taste of the green tea is not very strong and it feels rough. The also sell the instant scoop ones which has more flavours. This ice cream is very cheap around $2 I think. The ambience there is good because it feels very Japanese.
The ramen stall at Ishi Mura sells a variety of ramen. They sell Char Siew Ramen, Half Shell Ramen, Special House Ramen and more. Each bowl of ramen comes with seaweed, bean sprouts, an egg and whatever ingredients you ordered. The ramen soup is very sweet and its delicious. Their Char Siew Ramen is very popular. The char siew is also different from the ones you buy from chicken rice stalls, char siew rice stalls. They look and taste different. The ones at chicken rice stalls or char siew rice stalls are red in colour. However, at Ishi Mura, the char siew is brown and it comes in big sizes. It also tastes way better than the normal ones. Their Half Shell Scallop Ramen is great too. However, it is more costly. Each bowl comes with about four scallops. However, if you think that it is too costly, you can go for the Plain Ramen. It costs way lower. The Plain Ramen does not come with any other ingredients other than bean sprouts, seaweed, and an egg. However, it is still good and filling. For takeaways, they will charge an extra of $0.20. They will separate the soup and the noodles. Therefore when you get home, you have to pour the soup onto the noodles yourself.
I call this the Japanese Food Court in singapore. With many different stalls for you to choose and buy from, there\'s bound to be something you want to try! (unless you\'re not a japanese cuisine lover!) First up, I love the environment. The wooden chairs and tables and the stalls and all. It gives out the japanese aura and I love going there and being a closer to japan! Second, the food, I always eat the same thing and that is, beef patty omelette rice!The size of it has shrunk and I\'m quite disappointed. But the quality is still there. I love the egg omelette and the beef! Especially with that sauce. It\'s just too good. What my friend bought.For this, it\'s really a good deal. It only cost $6? He added $1 for the salmon skin. But that big bowl with egg and potato and chicken looks good and fulling!!
I expected this to be nicer but apparently it turned out to be quite a disappointment. The stock was just normal with almost no surprises await. It did not have the oomph factor. Another word it is just a boring bowl of Ramen. But given the reasonable pricing here, i guess i should not be expecting it too much. And, i should not even compared it to some of the higher end japanese restaurants. It was quite an ok bowl of Ramen when the expectation is lower down. The texture of Ramen was rather springy and the slices of Chashu were pretty nice too. If you want a Japanese meal but did not want to pay too much then this place would do just fine.
Japanese Ebi Tamago Don Ishi Mura is a Japanese food village which inside there are stalls selling different but authentic Japanese food. There are quite a lot choice to be chosen such as Okonomiyaki, izza, pasta, donburi etc. They also sell prepacked sushi/sashimi, and is located at the drinks counter. Ordered Japanese Ebi Tamago Don. The rice was pre-cooked, but the egg was fluffy and freshly made. I liked the egg very much. The same can be said for the Ebi which is the breaded fried prawn. The prawn was crispy and fresh, and big too. Curry sauce was not too thick nor watery, and good enough to eat together with the rice. Portion was rather generous. The price is quite reasonable. Food-court prices mostly.
A Japanese foodcourt concept, with affordable and delicious Japanese food. There are many stalls inside here selling various items, such as ramen, rice bowls, bento sets, okonomiyaki and omu rice. I ordered the beef rice bowl. This stall is one of my favorite and I always order the chicken rice bowl, which is really yummy. The beef serving is quite generous. Together with the typical japanese side dishes and seasoning, the rice bowl is very flavorful. It is served in a hot stone bowl to maintain its heat and flavor.
It looks like a restaurant on the outside but the concept is like a foodcourt. And what I like about it is that it hosts a variety of Japanese foodfare. There is a stall that sells bento set but you get to choose the sides that you want to have with your rice or fan tuan. I had theteriyaki salmon as the main meat course. The salmon is quite thick in cutting and well coated with the teriyaki sauce. I like it thick so that I can taste the original taste of the salmon as it will not be musked by the teriyaki sauce. The texture of the salmon is lightly dry though. As for the chawamushi, the taste is not as flavourable compared to what you will get at japanese restaurants. Overall still an affordable japanese fare.
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