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About Us
Jehos Corporation Pte Ltd Jehos operates an online web service internationally. Jehos offers FREE website builder for personal, company or organization in our package. Our website builder enables anyone to build and manage their own web or online presence in extremely simple way. Our team of website programmers and designers always put our best effort to create a ready to use and user-friendly website builder to serve personal, small business, company or organization and to support their needs of building internet presence in this internet era.
Products & Services
1. FREE and ready to use website
Only by $35 for domain and hosting annually, which is a regular online fee you can get your FREE personal or company website which you can easily manage by yourself.
2. User friendly admin section enables you to manage your web content
Manage pages/menu, add and edit content, and build your website with easy-to-use tools. JCMS editor is so easy to use. It lets you edit text, add images, add links, and much more — all through simple-to-use tools.
3. Various content type, such as: article, news update, article list, or photo gallery
Insert and manage your own web content, whether it is text or image. An absolutely simple tool enables you to display it as single article, article list, news update, or picture gallery. Simply upload your images and you've got an instant built in slide-show. Also, you can categorize, rename, and even add captions to your images.
4. Live chat support
Serve your site visitor directly and build relationship with them, make them comfortable with your live support. It’s a very easy-to-setup live chat support in your site. Simply by inserting your messenger ID.
5. Html code add-on enables you to add embed code to display video, Google AdSense, Affiliate Banner, You Tube, etc.
HTML code add-on enables advanced editors to add HTML code into your site. While those who are new to HTML code can use this add-on to add various applications such as: You Tube, Google AdSense, calendar, game, etc.
JCMS provides several HTML application for you to use. You can simply publish or unpublish the application as you want trough your JCMS admin section
6. Advertisement space on your site
Manage your own ads banner or open ads space for rent at your site, so that you can create revenue from your site. Also, you can insert hyperlink into the banner.
7. Online form enables your site visitor to send you message, question, order or any inquiries
Promptly add contact forms, order form, surveys, sign-up forms, registrations and more to your site. Get all entries emailed to you or check them from your JCMS admin section.
8. Search engine friendly site
Add site title, description and keywords related to your site to make your site easily detected by search engine.
9. Excellent web design which you can easily customize
Personalize your site by changing the header with your own picture, company logo, product picture, etc.
10. Outstanding Domain and Hosting service
Reliable domain and hosting service gives you a pleasant ‘going online’ experience.
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