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An authentic spread of Peranakan / Nyonya food & drinks to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

In a delightfully cosy, casual setting - at surprisingly affordable prices.

Opening Hours : Daily (from 11am to 9.30pm). For Lunch, Dinner & Tea.

About Us
Jonker's Nyonya Deli

Walk on by and be greeted by the warm, rosy afterglow of the yesteryear.

If we had to capture a moment in time and take you back to what the little kitchen in my grandmother’s place was really all about - this would be it. Today, her love for food and drink is presented unselfishly for you to take delight in. Go ahead. Allow yourself to sample some of those much-talked-about, time-honoured Nyonya recipes.

Don’t just let the aroma of wonderful cooking whet your appetite and tickle your palate.

More importantly, allow yourself to savour food & drinks that are made with love.

After all, that is where the heart is.

From a meticulously developed menu, relish a delectable array of homemade, all-too-familiar snacks many of us grew up with. You will also find the rarest of well-guarded recipes now woven together and made available to all - for the very first time.
Heritage fills the air and you cannot help but be drawn to the warm, caring glow of a grandmother’s touch wrapped all around. The food here is prepared and served with love. With a little something for everyone at any time of the day at all, we let you spoil yourselves with some very popular Nyonya dishes, as it captures lost time and brings you a taste of days gone by.
Indulge yourself in some Kueh Pie Tee (Top Hats), Homemade Asam Laksa (Rice Noodles in Hot & Sour Fish Gravy), Itik Tim (Salted Vegetable Duck Soup), Ayam Buah Keluak (Chicken Braised with Black Nuts) or our signature Nyonya Fried Mee Siam.
Treat yourself to an immensely refreshing bowl of Nyonya Cendol - made from a precious recipe that dates back to more than 60 years ago. Just one mouthful and you will taste the distinct difference.
Jonker's Nyonya Deli (Thomson Plaza) Jonker's Nyonya Deli (Thomson Plaza) Jonker's Nyonya Deli (Thomson Plaza) Jonker's Nyonya Deli (Thomson Plaza) Jonker's Nyonya Deli (Thomson Plaza) Jonkers - Cafe Shot 2 Jonkers - Cafe Shot 1 Tau Eu Kay Set Nasi Goreng + Sambal Chicken Mee Siam + Sambal Chicken
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