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Lan Zhou La Mian (Smith Street) Lan Zhou La Mian (Smith Street) dumplings xiaolongbao lamian
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My all time favourite LaMian . Will go here during weekend with my friends. like this place much because of their great service and reasonable price.
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29 May 2014 20:00:22
My all time favourite LaMian . Will go here during weekend with my friends. like this place much because of their great service and reasonable price.
A chinese stall serve traditional chinese cuisine. The owner is from China, they mostly open from 12pm onward. Good to try their handmade ramen and xiao long bao.
Simply excellent - have the Xiao Long Bao, pot stickers and house La Mian. Comfortably the best you will eat outside Shanghai.
My friend recommended this La Mian for me, she said the boss was a friendly person and their la mian was good.I have heard of Lan Zhou La Mian was really good in China.I passed by this shop on Saturday, it was around lunch time.There were few tables filled up already, I took a sit and placed my order as this was new to me, I got to browse their menu for my choice.The waitress couldn’t wait and walked away, then I got to wait for her free time to come to my table after I have decided. Anyway, I have placed my order for a bowl of la mian, she tried to push other dishes for me as well.I rejected politely, she walked away abruptedly.My order has arrived and I took out my camera to take picture of my own bowl of noodle, I noted that the boss “stared” at me as I was doing something bad in his shop! La Mian isn’t new food to me, I have been eating it in China and here.The la mian chef has the China man looks, he skilfully pulled out some noodle and boiled it instantly.My bowl of la mian has different thickness of noodles, thick and thin~disappointed.Taste wise, it was OK. When I wanted to foot my bill, I waved to the boss for bill, he ignored me at all.I thought he has seen my waved, I waited for some time, nope, nobody bothered me.I have to ask the same waitress for bill, she was kind of walked away when I called her for bill.Subsequently the bill was come and I paid and left.I would like to stress that dinning alone at their shop wasn’t a good experience.
A friend introduced me to this quaint little cozy noodle house along smith street. For those unfamiliar with Smith Street, you may find it difficult to find the restaurant as there are no clear signboards so remember to keep the address on hand! It may be easy to be overlooked with all the crowd and distraction of food stalls on smith street. The first thing that strikes you when one enters the restaurant is the photos of the chef with customers holding up a large strand of handmade noodle. This must be the original open concept I suppose. We ordered two bowls of handmade pork and preserved vegetable "la mian". The soup is clear and refreshing. The la mian is a bit inconsistent in texture but generally quite good. What really strike me are their unique "onion pancake" (cong you bing) which is disc shape and rather thick, unlike the usual flat pancake we find in most northeastern chinese restaurants. For that, I\'d go back and dine there again! Unfortunately they close at 10 and they were closed the 2nd time I visited!Spending: Approximately SGD 10
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