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We are a company driven by the passion to improve the quality of life through the promotion of health and wellness. In every business initiative that we undertake, we ensure that our customers and partners can benefit from our wealth of expertise and experience in TCM, wholesale, marketing and business development, accumulated from over the last 20 years.

key to healthly living starts frm within. do u know that cordyceps actually ideal for those who are prone to fatigue, aches, pains, and shortness of breath...

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12 Nov 2011 12:33:31
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Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder

For over 2000 years, Lingzhi has demonstrated its efficacy from the Traditional Chinese Medicine platform of restoring the body balance.

Boosts the immune system; strengthens the respiratory system, arteries and heart functions; protects the liver; enhances metabolism and blood circulation.

Lingzhi Oil Essence


Mandrake Lingzhi Spore Oil Essence contains highly concentrated lingzhi essence compound which can significantly enhance the body’s immune system, metabolism and blood circulation. It can also help maintain both physical and mental strength, as well as calms the mind and emotions, and is therefore, an ideal supplement for convalescents. This product also contains vitamin A, D3 and natural vitamin E which boost its effectiveness for achieving maximum result.

Cordyceps Sinensis


Cordyceps is known for its high efficacy and potency. It boosts and supports the immune system; and restores power to the elderly and convalescents.

Enolec Capsules


Enoki mushroom has fatigue-combating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. Lecithin is beneficial to the cardiovascular health, neurological development, memory, learning efficiency and productivity. It is also a liver protector and complexion enhancer. Eno-Lec can simultaneously provide two of the three major nutrients needed by the human body to effectively promote health and wellness as well as prevent diseases.

Pearl Powder


Pearl powder calms the emotions; brightens the eyes; regenerates the tissues; eliminates poison; beautifies and dispels speckles and heals pocks. It also improves sleep that is key to healthy skin.

Soybean Isoflavones


Helps alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes; reduces risk of heart disease; promotes healthy bones by preserving bone substance; and has potent antioxidant properties to prevent free radical damage and slow down ageing.

Mandrake Medical Private Limited specialises in the marketing of innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine by tapping on the best of East and West.

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