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The Murder Mystery unfolds in the course of the evening. The strangest of characters, played by experienced actors, are stabbed, shot or poisoned in the most entertaining way.

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Ideal for team building, staff parties, product promotions, and private parties.

Murder is on the menu, as well as laughter and song with a murder mystery evening by Masquerade. Mystery evenings offer a unique form of entertainment - a blend of theatre, cabaret and party game, in which guests are invited to solve a series of intriguing mysteries by piecing together evidence from the clue pack provided and interrogating the characters as they visit their tables. The entertainment lasts all evening from pre-dinner cocktails through to coffee.


Masquerade (Singapore) is a sister company of the original London-based Masquerade, the highly successful company which has been presenting mystery evenings and weekends since 1985.

Masquerade began performing in Singapore in 1993, since when murder mystery evenings have become established as a very popular form of entertainment in clubs and hotels, as well as in some more unusual venues.

The performances combine a challenging mystery with elements of music and an emphasis on comedy. Motives and clues are provided in the form of short dramatic scenes and a clue-pack containing such items as news clippings, extracts from compromising letters and other documentary evidence. In the course of the evening, while they wine and dine, the audience has the opportunity to participate actively by cross-examining the characters as they visit their tables.

Guests are encouraged to enter the spirit of the evening, by dressing appropriately for the theme of the mystery. They may approach the evening as competitively as they wish or simply go along for the ride - either way they will find plenty of things happening to surprise and amuse them.

Masquerade appears regularly at Singapore's most distinguished venues, such as The Tanglin Club, The American Club, The Pines Club, The Cricket Club and The British Club, among others. Because of the very nature of the evenings, they have become popular as a form of corporate entertainment. We have worked for many top companies in Singapore among them, The Economist, Hewlett Packard, Phillips Electronics, Glaxo Wellcome, UBS Bank, Standard Chartered, Nokia, Siemens, Unilever and many more. In 1993 Masquerade performed at Raffles Hotel for the opening night of the first Singapore Film Festival, which featured a season of Hitchcock films. Masquerade has frequently toured Asia, visiting places as far apart as India, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Masquerade also appears regularly aboard the Eastern and Oriental Express.


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