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My Humble House
Must Try!!!! Dance of the wind, Double boiled seafood consomme in young coconut
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10 Oct 2012 08:46:30
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My Humble House Must Try!!!! Dance of the wind, Double boiled seafood consomme in young coconut
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Owned by tungluk group, quality food and unique interior design
This lunch that I had was with a friend of my parents and we ate as a family with her. At first, my parents were deciding where to bring her to eat, and they finally decided on My Humble House, as the food there is fantastic. However, once in a while, we would meet food thatwe are not really fond of. The ambience there is wonderful. Peaceful, quiet. The chairs there are really unique and I think that it make the meal more enjoyable. Eating in a quiet place as compared to a crowded and noisy place. I choose the quiet place. As for lunch. each of us ordered a set meal which costed $60 per meal/person. The meal contained many dishes such as appetizers, main dishes and I stress dishes, and of course, dessert. When we came to the fourth dish, all of us were already feeling full, especially my brother and I, being small eaters. These are the food included in the meal:This dish came first at the appetizer wasn\'t ready. Description: Shrimps and Fresh Green Beans with Spinach Jus served in Superior Broth. I usually wouldn\'t like vegetable soup, but this was an exception as it tasted superb.The appetizer. Descriptions: Trilogy of Dim Sum. It consisted of Steamed Prawn Dumpling, Deep-fried Beef Siew Mai, Pan-steamed Pork Dumpling. I don\'t eat pork, but I ate this dumpling. It was well cooked as well prepared. Lovely.Descriptions: Steamed Scallop with Pickled Chili and Scallop Roe. I don\'t really scallop too, but still I ate and I realised that it was wonderful. I didn\'t regret eating it. I\'m might start liking scallop because of this meal.Descriptions: Braised Sakura Chicken and Black Fungus and Golden Mushroom. Yet another wonderful dish. The chicken was tender and went well with the sauce. The black fungus soft and chewy, just what I like and the mushroom, good too.Descriptions: Braised Er-fu noodles with Freshly-peeled Crab Meat and Egg White. Again, Wonderful dish, sensational taste. The noodle was tasty and the crab meat, soft and nice, along with the egg white. Perfect!This was the dessert that came with the meal, but it contained Red Bean Paste and I don\'t like that so I requested for a change and I changed it to this:Descriptions: Lemongrass Gelo with Lime Sorbet. It was sweet but prefect for a dessert. I\'m glad the staff allowed me to change my dessert Definitely a wonderful place to eat.
This fried mee is just normal. Oily as usual,and it is very few in amount. But i like the herbs they added.The fried rice is also just normal,nothing special,but the sambal they give is nice. So it incresase the tastiness of the fried rice.This sauce mee looks disgusting. But it taste nice,althoguh the sauce looks like adding many coloring.it taste still great. The mee is also soft enough and it really match well with the sauce.Dessert cute as normal. The taste also great. Great dessert always make people feel happy..
ai yu jelly dessert The jelly is very refreshing and nice to eat when hot days. It is not very attractively colourful,means that there are not much colouring added. I like this fruit cocktail, very refreshing after a meal.Forget what isin the small bowl My friend ordered this.. There are a scoop of ice cream and some small cubes of fruits on the plate Overall a nice and pleasant dining place.
Was staying in nearby Conrad for the weekend but didn\'t fancy anything too elaborate for dinner so settled for a quick meal at Space @ My Humble House at the Esplanade. Playing neighbour to it\'s more illustrious sibling, My Humble House (which by the way didn\'t quite impress me on my previous visit), Space has a nice modern, minimalistic vibe to it - definitely not some place you would expect to find local favourites like chicken rice, hokkien mee and the likes. But at a premium of course. Mama Leong\'s Chicken Rice - Apparently this humble dish was named after Sam Leong\'s mum. And I thought it was good - tender, moist and seeping with flavour. You have the option of ordering an entire chicken ($32), half a chicken ($18) and single portion @ $12. Rice is an additional $1/head and though fragrant and seemingly prudent with the oil, lacked the fluffiness that I would have liked. Fried Radish Cake with Freshly-peeled Crabmeat, Whole Prawns, Juicy Scallops and Egg - I loved the extravagance of this dish - huge prawns and scallops coupled with copious amount of egg. However it lacked the slightly charred taste and came across as bland. Somehow everything just didn\'t seem to meld together. The radish cake wasn\'t exactly smooth and silky either. A quick meal of local dishes cost us to the tune of $48 (inclusive of a small cup of watermleon juice @ $6). The chicken rice was good but the radish cake only made it to average based on the merit of the prawns and scallops; without which, it would have languished at the bottom half of the scale. Service was decent but hardly a selling point. See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2012/04/space-my-humble-house.html
Went over to the restaurant call my humble house with my family and relatives for our dinner. I love the interior and exterior design of the restaurant, and the environment is good too. The lights in the restaurant are dim but not dark, and it sets the perfect mood for a dinner with your family. I love the food there as the taste is there, not too expensive, and ingredients are fresh. Waiters are friendly too. I particularly love the dessert. it is a pumpkin paste with coconut ice cream. It is not too sweet, but the flavour and fragrant is there, especially the special coconut ice cream.
Decided to try My Humble House with colleagues as have recommended from friend. My favourite from the night were the Peking Duck, Wagyu Beef and the Fried Chicken Rice. With the chicken rice fried and topped with steamed shredded chicken. And before you eat, they add in the chicken soup. The combination was unique. Bite into the spoonful of rice with soup, and feel the crispiness of the chicken rice. The peking duck was average. I found the pancake tasting too much of egg and the skin a little too fatty for my tastes. As for the wagyu beef, I found it normal. It tasted like an ordinary piece of steak. The texture and meat quality seems average. Overall, the food was average.
My Humble House or 寒舍 - arguably one of the most prolific restaurants under the Tung Lok group and the only Chinese eatery out of 3 restaurants in Singapore to be voted as one of the top 100 restaurants in the world by Restaurant, a prestigious British magazine. Humble House recently celebrated their anniversary with an exclusive buffet boasting of Foie Gras, Wagyu beef, Lobsters, Scallops and free flow wine. The reception for the night was cocktail style. Through the immaculate use of wood, water, crystals and lighting, the interior screams modern chic with a touch of class yet oozes a sublime old world charm. A contrast so glaring yet seductive. Candles are used alongside dim ceiling lights to set the mood right for a relaxing dinner, a secret rendezvous or a special night out. Definitely a place to bring that special someone. Wagyu Beef - I was actually looking forward to the Wagyu beef, but sadly, it fell seriously short of expectations. Thought done up medium rare, I couldn\'t see or taste any marbling that seperates Wagyu beef from normal beef. And to top it off, portions were meagre, which meant more rounds of queuing. However, to be fair, the beef was rather decent, sweet yet juicy. Peking Duck - Fresh with the memories of having the delightful Peking duck from Asia Grand Restaurant, I was subjected to an onslaught of a weird tasting dish of the same name. Humble House\'s rendition, unfortunately, was served up cold and the sauce came across as a little too strong. It didn\'t help that the skin wasn\'t the least bit crispy or that the crepe was limp. Foie Gras - One of the very difficult dishes to perfect in any restaurant, the Foie Gras was decent enough to warrant a second attempt at the ridiculously long queue. However, it didn\'t come across as quivery or smooth, leaving behinds bits of sediment when consumed. What I did like about it was that the accompanying blueberry sauce complemented the Foie Gras very well, strong yet not overpowering. I didn\'t have a chance to try out all of the desserts, but those that I did, which were mainly cakes, were your average hotel buffet cakes - a tad dry and sweet. Nothing spectacular or even worth mentioning. Crispy Chicken Rice - Interestingly, this dish fell under the desserts section. The crispy rice actually referred to the use of rice crispies which were naturally crispy. Add on some chicken shreds, wolfberries et al and top it up with soup to achieve a nice warm dish close to the heart. Reminded me uncannily of your normal noodle soup dish, albeit with an extra crunch. Lobster Popiah - I must be getting on in age for my eyesight seems to be failing me. I could barely make out the ridiculously small portion of lobster embedded within each nicely sliced piece of popiah. I\'m sure the pieces were much bigger, but I\'m probably just myopic. Wouldn\'t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the lobster didn\'t taste like much either, coming across as bland. Chocolate Fondant - Am I glad that I only took one piece of the fondant to try. The exterior was soft and tasted like kueh, which was a huge turnoff. Not even the oozing chocolate or blueberries could save this dessert. In case you are wondering, no it isn\'t free and each of us forked out $80++ just to get into the thick of it. I reckon I ate about $30 worth of food and took about $50 worth of pictures. Looking at the math, I\'m at a crossroads as to whether I should laugh at my stupidity or cry at my foolishness. On a side note, I\'ve actually been to My Humble House on a previous occasion and I must say that the food at the buffet is definitely not on par with the regular offerings. However, I maintain my stand that its definitely not worth the price nor is it worthy of its top 100 ranking.
must say my first impression wasn’t great – we arrived earlier and waited outside to be seated to no available We said we had to check with our friends first, and she told us they’d clear the counter and asked us to take a seat outside. We waited outside for a good 5 minutes without any progress we just breezed into the restaurant and plonked ourselves at an available table. Anyway, on to the food. The chicken rice is Sam Leong’s grandmother’s recipe and is apparently outstanding, so I ordered it.I like that you can choose whether you want the thigh or the breast portion. I had the thigh, of course, and I must say it was very good. The chicken was tender and moist, and the sauce had a hint of Chinese rice wine that I really like. The rice was fragrant yet not oily, and it came with a double-boiled soup. All for only $9.90. The menu is pretty limited, but there are a couple more dishes I wouldn’t mind trying, like bak kut teh with lamb ribs Very slow service and one of the waitresses was not very polite. The food however was excellent. Not exactly cheap, but not expensive considering the quality of the ingredients. Definitely worth considering if you’re at the Esplanade.
Situated at the esplanade, humble house has a very nice and cozy ambience. It is owned by the tung lok group. The chef are led by Sam Leong. The food served has very nice presentation. The service is prompt. I like their dishes because they are nicely presented and quite creative in terms of the flavour. Even the names of the dishes are very nice.

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