Best Hokkien Mee in Airport Road!!!
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Well Known Hawkers For its Hokkien Mee

Blk 51 #01-103
Old Airport Rd
Singaporeâ?? 390051
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7 Mar 2013 02:36:17

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Blk 51 #01-103 Old Airport Rd Singaporeâ?? 390051
This stall doesn\'t need much introduction. It is another famous stall in old airport road. The thing special and something to note for chilli lovers is that they do not serve belachan chilli. Instead, they only provide the sliced red chillis. However, there is really no need for belachan,since the hokkien mee is already very flavourful on its own. The hokkien mee is fried using the thin beehoon and yellow noodles with the thin beehoon absorbing most of the rich prawn stock, making it absolutely delicious. The lime also helps in enchancing the taste and making it more appetising. The prawns and sotong are also fresh but the star has got to be the noodles itself, I can really eat it as it is without any ingredients because it is so good.
I like the way this stall present their piping hot noodles on the disposable plates as it is really hygiene and clean.The noodles are chewy and not overcooked, which sometimes maybe abit soggy if it is overcooked.Lots of fresh prawns, sotong rings, fish cakes, spring onions and crispy pork cubes can be found in this hokkien mee.The portion is just alright for an adult and they also bigger plate with just an additional of one to three dollars more.Usual long queue may be found outside this stall so do go there earlier to avoid the long queue.Spending: Approximately SGD 3.00(Lunch)
This doesn\'t taste like your ordinary hokkien mee. Dry version of the ordinary soup-soaked hokkien mee, yet hidden with gravy goodness within the nook and cranny of the noodles! The result is that you get dry noodles that are actually don\'t feel dry, but deliciously moist. The noodles are not soggy, prawns and sotong are fresh, lots of egg, fresh chili and lime to add zest to this dish! They don’t have hotline to call in advance and order too, otherwise, you will queue up for at least a good 30-40 minutes. Spending: Approximately SGD 5
I was walking around old airport road food centre deciding what to have. I finally settled for the hokkien mee from this stall. I kind of like hokkien mee because of the gravy. This hokkien mee really meets my expectation because their noodles is really smooth and QQ. The gravy is so tasty and mouth watering. The prawns they add in is very fresh and crunchy. Their sambal chili is the highlight, brings out the flavour of the noodles.
Came here for dinner. I notice that these bee hoon are not soaked for too long and thus when fried along with the yellow noodles, it doesn’t break easily and the gives it a ‘springy’ texture. The hokkien mee was simply aromatic and delicious. The generous serving of squids and prawns also make the 30 minutes waiting time seemed insignificant. The stall also stood by it’s principle of not serving sambal chilli to their customers and only cut chilli is dished out.
Often come here for makan tried their hokkien mee,Their mee is fine & smooth with nice gravy Their mee is not dry type, is quite wet so i can taste the gravy,is not been suck up by the mee Gravy is sweet ,10% salty only Their prawn is fresh & nice,with some sotong & leaned meat overall i rate 8/10