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About Us
Noboru Ramen is an authentic Japanese Ramen Restaurant that serves only the best ramen recipes from Central Tokyo and Osaka. Using only imported ingredients from Japan, our Japan-trained chefs are able to preserved the unique, authentic taste that you can only experience in ramen shops from the land of the rising sun.

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30 pm-9:30 pm
Sat: 11:30 am-2:30 pm

Authentic Japanese ramen restaurant, they serve the best ramen in town using ingredients imported from Japan.
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Products & Services
Noboru Tonkotsu Ramen

Savour the richness of Noboru Tonkotsu ramen made from boiling pork bones and spices over high heat for more than 10 hours. With a secret pork sauce originated from Kyushu, Noboru Tonkotsu ramen remains the all-time favourite in our shop. Noboru Tonkotsu ramen is served with Noboru homemade black garlic oil.

* Spicy version available

Noboru Miso Ramen

The secret lies with the blend of different miso from Japan and a special flavoured oil made from garlic, leek and spices. The richness of the soup brings out the authentic flavour of Hokkaido Miso ramen.

* Spicy version available

Noboru Shio Ramen

Using Japanese sea salt and a blend of seafood and spices, this traditional recipe from Tokyo matches the naturally sweet pork bone soup perfectly. Light and easy for everyone's tastebuds.

Noboru Shoyu Special

Popular in central Japan especially Tokyo and Osaka, Noboru Shoyu Special ramen uses a special blend of Japanese Shoyu and spices. Blended with the naturally sweet pork bone soup, this light yet flavourful ramen is your best choice when you prefer something lighter.

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Authentic Japanese ramen restaurant, they serve the best ramen in town using ingredients imported from Japan.
Awesome springy ramen in tastily delicious broth! I am salivating again just thinking about it! And their price does not hurt my wallet too much!
Are you bored of always having Mee pok, Mee kia, Mee tai mak. Ready for some change?! Forget all the Mee and check out this Men today! HUH?! What Men?! RAMEN of course! 63% off Noboru Ramen at Noburu Ramen Restaurant (1 Choice of Ramen out of 4 Flavours + 1 Choice of Side Dish out of 13 Items). Only $7 nett.
oishi~! the soup is delicious and the ramen is very filling. ^^
Authentic Japanese ramen, great comfort food. Yum!
I prefer the "Noboru Miso Ramen"
just had the 1 for 1 ramen deal with the flash of the tip! definitely worth it . a wide variety of choices too ! :)
My usual dinner place if i had to work late. The goyza is not bad though!
Flash this tip to receive 1-for-1 deal for Ramen, during dinner.
Craving for Ramen ? Noboru Ramen will be place you are looking for ... Yummy :)
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