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Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

Extensive Ala-Carte Japanese Buffet Menu
Shin Minori (translated as New Harvest in English) Japanese Restaurant is a restaurant offering quality Japanese food at affordable prices. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant sources for the freshest food from a wide range of suppliers to recreate the flavors of Japan.

Diners can choose from an extensive ala-carte Japanese buffet menu, experiencing 5 star treatments at a very affordable price.

a. Lunch (Mon to Sun) : Adult $34++, Child $24++
c. Dinner (Mon to Thur) : Adult $37++, Child $25++
d. Dinner (Fri, Sat, Sun, Ev of PH & PH) : Adult $39++, Child $29++

Cindy Ong Yummy Japanese 2 Nov 2013 14:54:43
Building image
Yummy Japanese buffet at Shin Minori, Located at a convenient location. Do not need to go and get any food you want as they will serve you what you have ordered.
Had Harvest Maki roll which has avocado inside and boiled shrimp with homemade almond sauce! It was DELISH! A family friendly environment and affordable price!
nice environment. great place to chill out with friends n family.
Just see at how pretty the maki looks. Absolutely tempting and pleasing to the eye. Japanese food at its finest.
After all the choice of Japanese food, the ice cream end well.
a great place to enjoy japanese food! reasonable price for buffet style!
This is a great place to head to if ur craving for japanese! Featuring an ala carte buffet menu, you will be spoilt for choice with over 140 items on the menu. Really delicious and defintely worth it!
Dinner Buffet: Adult: $35.00++, Child: $23.00++
Quality Jap food at an affordable price! They have a good variety of fresh sashimi.
This year\'s company\'s X\'mas Lunch was organized @ Shin Minori since we have a budget restrain. Lunch is at $31++ there were 13 of us, and staff @ Shin Minori arranged 3 joined table for us and the table are along to the cushion seats by the side walls. so u can imagine for those people sitting inside the cushion seats if they need to visit the washroom those people at the end of the cushion seats need to move out for those who are sitting at the center or the one who is trap on the other deadend. Service is really bad, as different table have different orders and we do not want to mix them up by confusing them we requested for them to note the different of our table but the service crew say cannot because we came in as one group, then i insisted and explained myself then he agrees upon it. But in the end, food are just kept served but no one knows which table are the food suppose to be for, and we found ourselves having food that are what we order, service crew just puts the dish on the table and walk away without telling us what is that and who was it for. Tori Yaki (see how burned they were..) Potato Croquette (Very Nice) Salmon with egg sauce (taste like non-spicy chili crab sauce) Pork Belly yaki (not great) Chawanmushi (Very nice, very smooth), there is a pumpkin sauce Chawanmushi too (picture not shown) very unique, as it increase the flavour to the steam egg. Mini Crispy Crab (Nice and crunchy but the sharp edge of the crab craws will somehow poke ur mouth sometimes) Prawn Tempura (Nice, one of the nicer ones) Prawn Roll & Salmon Roll (as you can see on one of the pictures) Pictures not shown, Salmon Sashimi (quite fresh but quite small in pieces) Soft Shell Crab Handroll (Not bad but a bit salty) Pan fried Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce (Quite ok) Salmon Handroll (instead of a slice of salmon, it\'s some minced salmon bits) Wasabi Mayo Tori Karaage (the wasabi mayo did not covered the tori karaage fully) Stir fried Beef with Spaghetti (sauce A little too sweet, but not bad though) Sweet sauce deep fried tofu (normal) Chawanmushi with Pumpkin Sauce (Added some fragrance to the chawanmushi) Peach Salad (refreshing, although the peach are obviously those canned ones) Potatoes Salad (Not Nice) This is a place for those who just wanted to eat lots of different kind of japanese food, there is more than 150 under buffet selection. One thing sad is that they dun have dessert from the buffet selection. Spending: Approximately SGD 40(Lunch)
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