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About Us

Rapid Force Protection Services

The company comes with more than 35 years of accumulated experience in the field of Security, Safety and Investigations.

The company maintains membership in several security organizations worldwide including Singapore, USA and India.

Managed by a team of trained ex-army and police personnel who are internationally linked to keep themselves abreast with the latest development in the security arena.

what the requirement to be a bodyguard???
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17 Apr 2012 17:07:33
Products & Services

Physical Security
• Security Supervisors/Officers
• Security Guards
• House Detectives
• Body Guards
• Carpark Attendants
• Crowd Controllers
• Mobile Patrol Services, Etc

Security Systems
• Access Control System
• Hardware and Software Anti Scaling Devices
• Intrusion Detection System
• Surveillance System (CCTV)
• Auto Gates and Barriers
• Electronic Locks
• Fire Rated Doors Communication Equipments
• Remote Monitoring Services, Etc

Security Consultancy
• Security Management Services
• Risk Analysis
• Security Audit
• Security Surveys
• Threat Assessments
• In-House Security Training
• Security Awareness Programs, etc


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