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About Us

Leading Recruitment Agency and Staffing Solutions Provider.
We are a unique Human Resource Solutions Provider in that we offer a very personalized, professional and friendly recruitment service.

Since 2004, We care about getting to know our clients and their particular human resource needs as well as we know our own.

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30 Jul 2015 22:25:50
Products & Services
At SG Recruiters, we tailor-made manpower staffing solutions to your business needs. We have been persistently formulating and optimizing effective human resource solutions to enable you to weather economic fluctuations, regulation expenditures and enhance productivity.
  • Executive Search
  • Permanent Placement
  • Contract Placement
  • Outsourcing
Recruitment Services

Gone are the days when companies had to consider recruitment as a tedious and over-burdened job in the competitive business world. In the present scenario of business world, almost everything can be outsourced for the betterment of the company. Recruitment is one such area in business management where outsourcing has gained huge attention in recent past.

There was a time when companies invested a lot of money and time in selecting the best employees themselves, and this lead to lots of overheads for the company. If your company is very much concerned about cutting down costs and saving lots of calendar time, the most assertive method of placement is to use our recruitment services.

Our Recruitment Services includes:

- Executive Search - Permanent Staffing - Temporary/Contract Placement

- Foreign Recruitment - International Talent Search - Training & Development

- Building Portfolio - Career & Succession Planning
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