About Us
Smile Makers Dental Clinic Smile Makers Dental Clinic is a dental practice for the whole family. We believe in educating YOU on your dental health so that you can achieve a beautiful smile and keep your smile through life. We work by appointments so that you don't need to waste your time waiting. You get the time to have your treatment done well.
Fred Ching Heh heh came here 4 Jan 2011 17:36:59
Products & Services
o Whitening of Teeth
o Braces to straighten teeth
o Invisalign to straighten teeth without braces or wires
o Dental Implants to replace lost teeth
o Wisdom tooth removal
o Scaling and Polishing of teeth
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Heh heh came here to get my teeth whitened for my sister's wedding.. Wana look good in the pictures with white shiny teeth. The doctor who did it for me was very careful..She explained every process she did with a gentle voice.. it was really soothing.. took the attention away from the actual procedures..
It is pleasant, spacious, the fees are openly displayed at the counter, as well as on the website. The website gives lots of information so that people can know what to expect even before they come. I especially like the view in the dental room
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