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About Us

For over 25 years, Tambuah Mas has enjoyed an endearing reputation for serving up authentic Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine from Padang, Sulawesi and Java.

The allure of Tahu Telor, Rendang Lembu and Kepala Ikan Istimewa (and many more) stems from closely guarded family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Our distinctive flavors lie in the delicate blend of herbs and spices, fresh ingredients and an extraordinary amount of precision in preparation.

Sweetie Tulipe Good Indonesian 26 May 2014 15:38:23
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https://i.imgur.com/zeoS9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/It9Tc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/IGlkk.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1Uu9v.jpg
https://i.imgur.com/kArD6.jpg In local Padang dialect, Tambuah Mas is the term used when a diner requestes for more servings. "Tambuah" means to add more, and "Mas" refers to the server. Incidentally, "Mas" also means gold.

Our restaurants are named Tambuah Mas to represent the golden service we welcome you with when you visit. And we add more than just delicious food, we add more smiles, more warmth, and more joy to your dining experiences.
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Tel : 6733 3333
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Good Indonesian food here at Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant. I like their Nasi Goreng Istimewa & the other not-to-be missed is their Tahu Telor. For dessert, their Avacado Puree & Chendo are good too.
Priced well for the quality of food. Rice is served when the dishes arrive. It's a good experience and importantly, the dinner serves a good dining ambience.
Taste almost similar with Melaka cendol kacang. I would've liked its sweeter since i have a mega sweet-tooth but this rendition of red kidney beans and green bean jelly in coconut milk and gula melaka suited my taste too. there's not too much ice so even after a while the taste was not much diluted.
Nice ambience with Indonesia theme as background. service is good so as the food. great for family outing.
If you the Indonesian Food lover, don't miss this Tambuh Mas Indonesian Restaurant,you will fall in their food
Im not really into Indo cuisine but when i tried the Rendang from this Indonesian Homestyle Restaurant, I wont let it pass. Its a must try dish indeed
Craving for indonesian fried rice the other day with eggs, satay and prawn crackers. Yummy!
Indonesian food, fine dining style! Yums!
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