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About Us
With effect from 9th May 2016, The Mattress Centre have relocated to 180 Paya Lebar Road #01-02 Yi Guang Factory Building Singapore 409032. One of the largest mattress retailers in Singapore since 1982. (Previously located at 12 Aljunied Road and 8 Jalan Ismail.) We have since evolved to be the leading platform for multi-branded mattress showcase, for customers to view, feel and compare the different branded mattresses, all under one roof.

We strive to provide :

Environment - The best environment to let you view, feel and compare the different branded mattresses available.

Transparency - We will provide our best prices for Promotions and Discounts, all stated on the price tag.

Honesty - The products we advertise, is the product we keep stock and sell.

Good Neutral Advice - There is no perfect “Mattress”. However, we will help you understand both the Pros and Cons to your
specific needs, leaving the final decision to you.

Things we will not do :

“Diamonds last forever, Mattresses don’t”. Mattress as a cushion is subjected to wear and tear. Even if you get the best maintenance program for your mattress, comfort and support will deteriorate as you use. Experts will also recommend that you change your mattress after 10 years, due to hygiene reasons.

“Over-Promise”. We will not promise you the Sun or the Moon, only couples do that. It took us 30 years to build up our business. In this internet world, any over-promising will be highlighted to many others. In- addition, being family -owned also means that the staffs are permanent and will not be commission driven to over sell.

“Bait and Switch”. We will not bait you with a low advertisement price. Whatever product we advertise, will be available subject to stock availability.

8 Jalan Ismail (S) 419260
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The Mattress Centre The Mattress Centre The Mattress Centre The Mattress Centre The Mattress Centre

At Mattress Centre, We carry a wide range of mattresses, from budget to high quality mattresses, from local brands to International brand, we have them on display in our showroom.

Mattresses comes in different prices, different brands and the most important of all, different quality. Just like buying a pair of shoes, you have to physically try the mattress to feel it for yourself. There is no right or wrong solutions, but importantly, you final choice is determine by your own feel of the mattress.

This is why, We, The Mattress Centre, recommend that you visit our store to physically look and feel for yourself the different mattresses available.