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Toshiba Data Dynamics

Since 1979, as a distributor of Toshiba communication and IT products manufactured by Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba Data Dynamics Pte Ltd (TDSP) has grown to be acknowledged as one of the leading telecommunications and IT companies in Singapore today.

World-renowned for the leading edge technology, market dominance and quality products, TDSP’s ‘Dynamic Difference’ has made significant contribution towards making Toshiba, a leading brand in this challenging marketplace.

With technological advancement and an ever changing business environment, companies strive to keep ahead by using the most efficient and effective tools to sharpen their business edge.

TDSP has kept ahead with the pace and dynamism of the 21st Century by constantly improving its product offerings and investing in its human resource.

More importantly, it has adopted the attitude to stay relevant in a challenging business landscape.

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Products & Services
Designed for small to large enterprises, Toshiba Strata Series let you work exactly as you need today while giving you the ability to increase capability as your grow. Our systems support up to 672 ports, and can be deployed as either a legacy system or an IP-enabled system.

Provides easy migration for the existing users of Toshiba Strata CTX and even the classic Strata DK systems, allowing functionality extension wherever you leave your desk with a Toshiba Softphone on Laptops, pocket PCs or Tablet PCs. Users of existing Strata CTX systems and even classic Strata DK systems can migrate to the new Strata CIX systems while retaining much of their existing equipment like the Toshiba DKT2000 and Toshiba DKT3000 series Digital Telephones, trunk and station cards, thereby protecting some of the existing infrastructure investment in their initial systems.

Toshiba's business telephone systems provide sophisticated communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Toshiba Strata CIX gives you a choice of mixing and matching technologies, creating a pure IP system or a converged solution, and changing based on the needs of your company. From simple voice-mail systems to call-center requirements to business mobility solutions to computer telephony applications to video collaboration to system management tools or even the entire spectrum of unified communcation, Toshiba Strata CIX is ready for you!
  • Simple to elaborate voice-mail systems
  • Call-center requirements
  • Business mobility solutions
  • Computer telephony applications
  • Video collaboration to system
  • Management tools - Call Accounting
  • Entire spectrum of unified communcation - IVR, SMS & Voice Logger applications.
Consult your friendly Toshiba Business Communications Sales
Representatives at 68431888 or bcs_sales@toshibadata.com.sg for Toshiba Telecommunication Solutions.

TDSP's specialized business units are:

  1. Mobile Computing (Notebook Computers, Accessories, and etc)
  2. Telecommunications (Business Communication Systems)
  3. Electronic Imaging (Copiers, Fax machines)
  4. Point of Sales (Retail Solutions)
  5. Camcorder & Hard Disk
  6. Memory Products
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