Barbie & Ken Frequency

By: Susan James

As children, some of us have dolls and cowboy boots and hats,
and holsters and guns, with caps of course !!
Some have GI Joe and Barbie & Ken Dolls.

W had the Barbie castles, and cars, and we had those
imaginary conversations between Barbie and ourselves, we
were Barbie. We were Barbie with her Blonde Handsome
boyfriend Ken.

Or We were GI Joe, or we were the cowboys, hiding behind
the bushes and furniture to ambush somebody.

And oh, the Imaginary Friends we had along with us during
our days. And then our stuffed animals.....I had one. His name
was Rabbit. Rabbit was like a huge wonderful pink Bunny
Rabbit. Rabbit went with me to College. My Suite mates one
day, knowing my affection for Rabbit, took him and hung him
from the light fixture in my dorm room. And the rest of the
story contains profanity and revenge, and lots of beer !

While we were in elementary school, we had plays and ball
games, relay races and spelling bees. We wanted our parents
and friends and grandparents to come looky see !! "Come
‘looky see' who I am being and what I can do!"

Then we went to high school and college and added athletics
& Drama & Glee Clubs to our agenda of ‘come looky see'.
Parents, Grandparents, Friends came, because we said.. "come

looky see at who I am being!"

Then we left school, and all of that playing cowboys and
Barbie and Ken and GI Joe, and Rabbit......and all of our
‘come looky see' came to a screeching Halt !


Do you know what we were doing before we Halted ? We
were displaying a frequency in our imagination.

The Fiber
Optic to the Gods, and we just said NO????? We believed in
the moment, what we were seeing in our minds eye. We were
having fun and affection and tons of energy was being spewed
all around us.

And we were running around and telling everyone, "come
looky see what I can do !"

So what happened to all of that wonder, and Imagination.
That stuff that if you're SMART, have figured out by now,
that this is what shapes your life, your LIFE !

I play in my mind a lot. I am always having lunch with
Madonna and Olivia Newton John. I have toys around my
desk that I play with every day, that are somehow connected
to my intentions and desires. I have an Aladdin's Lamp on my
Desk and on my Key Chain.

I have a Magic Wall, that works like Aladdin's Lamp. Why?

I know of Magic and Wonder. Do you understand why
children like to use crayons on the walls of your home ?

I gave my self permission a good while back, that I was going
to have fun, love and affection in my life. I understand the
vibrations and frequencies attached to that, and what it means
to my physical experience as well as my Spiritual Evolving.

I write essays with Madonna and Robinhood, I write about 2
Bunnies, Jelly Bean and Harley. Some days, I know I am in
Madonnas Vibration. I use her as a screen saver. She has
accomplished much in her present life. I intend to go for it all
always, and I can think of no other Stream to be In for that. I
have her music on all of the time. I go into the Grocery Store
and who is singing over the intercom? Madonna.

I play in her stream, she shows up in mine. In my writing, in
my joy and in my abundance.

You, me....we get to choose. Are we gonna play and have fun,
and have wonder come into our lives? Or are we going to get
stuffy and become Adult everything, and stay stuck in our own
created miseries?

If you are not doing what you LOVE doing, if you are not
playful with the gifts you came here to express.....then that is
why your current life, looks and feels the way it does.

I choose This ! Play! Fun! Love! Affection! Abundance! It is
mine for I chose it. What have I chosen, really? To maintain a
frequency and vibrational stream, that continues to bring me
the good things in my life that I intend and desire. That is why
I am here ! To understand how to create in this way.
I understand.

To those who have an "issue" with my Madonna imagery.......
You should be at lunch with Madonna and Me and Jesus, and
then make your ‘observations". No two more alike than my 2
BuddiesArticle Search, Jesus and Madonna !!

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