By: Rhoberta Shaler

What is your focus at work? Do you want to look good? Or, do

What attitude do you bring to work each day? Are you there to
cover your anatomy or give real service to the organization?
Are you there to give the best of your skills and creativity
or are you there to do the least you can for a pay check?

What if you work for yourself? This can be the most exciting
and compelling work, however, you can kid yourself there as
well. I've met many folks who have good ideas, great skills
and excellent health and are not successful. Most often, as I
work with them in a coaching capacity, it becomes clear that
they are afraid to take their ideas to the marketplace. As
long as they are talking about what is possible, researching,
studying, networking, 'developing', they kid themselves that
they are doing something. They are always 'getting ready'.
That, of course, does prevent failure. No one will say 'No'
to you if you don't ask for their business. You can look very
good while doing no good for yourself or your bank account!

When any person's work life is built on the basis of 'How can
I do the least for the most money?', the equation stops
working. It stops working for the company obviously. The
employee is not giving value for time and money spent. The
company cannot prosper. Jobs are lost and you'll likely be the
first to go. It stops working for the employee in a few
ways. Not only will they likely be fired, they will not be
happy. They will find fault, cause problems, and irritate
co-workers who need them to pull their weight. It gets even
more curious when they blame their inertia on the company or
the people at work. Big problem!

The focus is wrong. If you are going to spend 30 to 35% or
more of your life hours working each week, make it the best
experience possible for all concerned.

That includes you!
Think about this:

You will never have the hours from 8 AM to 5 PM on March 20th,
2002 again. What makes the most sense? Marking time at work
doing the least you can while complaining and hoping no one
will get on your back, or, putting a smile on your face and
doing fair work for fair pay with a good attitude and not
having to look over your shoulder?

Giving your best at work is economical. That is what uses the
least amount of emotional energy. I hope you believe that.
It is the difference between just wanting to look good to save
your anatomy and wanting to do good to save your integrity.

Not long ago I came across some statistics that showed the 85%
of the people surveyed said they could do much better at
work...if they wanted to! That is a truly disturbing
percentage, don't you think? Although I can no longer find
that study, the results have stuck in my mind. What keeps us
from wanting to do the best job possible at work?


That is a likely contributor, isn't it? For some folks,
initiative is simply not in their vocabulary. The very idea
of seeing what needs to be done and doing it without direction
exhausts them. These folks usually lose their jobs and blame
their employers.


These folks do not understand the 'Give First' philosophy.
No, it's not airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky thinking. In all
areas of life, if your focus is on giving, you'll end up with
a lot more. I'm not talking about 'I-don't-know-you-but-I-love
you' kind of giving, either. Place yourself in a work
environment that helps you. Notice that even doing something
you do not love will give you a pay check and that is helpful!
Give first. Do your job well and you will get your pay check
regularly. You may even be promoted.


No one will notice if I put these in the wrong place or take
an extra ten minutes on my lunch hour. Wrong. People notice.
The boss may take a while to notice but your co-workers catch
on right away...and, they don't like it! You are creating a


Ever had the thought, 'They are just not paying me enough to
do this much'? That could be true. You have options.
Negotiate a higher salary or a reduced work load, find another
job or adjust your attitude. There is no magic. Some
employers want a pound of flesh while paying for a pittance.
Often, though, you will be rewarded for pitching in and
pulling your weight. After all, you chose the job.


Sometimes we've all had to do this. I remember doing it at
times when I was a young mother on my own with three children.
We do what we have to do, AND, you can still do it with the
right attitude. That pay check is important, so, give good
value to the person who is giving it to you. Remember, they
do not have to have you there. Making yourself invaluable in
any job has its own rewards. You'll get a good reference when
you leave. You'll feel better while you're at work. Your
work time will pass more quickly when you are involved. Your
colleagues will appreciate you and you'll feel better about


It's all in your attitude and willingness. The most
compelling reason I can give you for doing your best at work
is that you'll feel better. Focus on doing a good job. Go
the extra mile. Remember that excellence is in the details.
Give full value for time paid. You'll not only feel betterFree Web Content,
you'll feel better about yourself.

Looking good is a beginning. Doing a good job is where the
real satisfaction is found.


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