Behold a Son

By: Nancy R. Fenn

Mothers have voiced their disapproval over the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It seems they would do anything to keep the United States from another war and their sons safe at home in the future.

I wonder if these women would be willing to consider naming their sons peaceful names? I know this is a stretch but see if you can follow the reasoning.

As a metaphysician, I know that nothing is a coincidence. Many of the most popular boys’ names through the ages are derived from Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Teutonic (German) words for weapons, helmets and other military appartus, or they are the names of famous warriors or epithets for them such as “great protector" or “stalwart guardian". I wonder if we are ready to change our expectations about boys and encourage a more gentle and peaceful nature in them instead by naming them names that come from the words for oak tree (Orick), for example, or wide meadow (Bradley).

The fact that we don’t know what these names mean when we pick them doesn’t change their meanings. We are sure of this in spiritual metaphysics. Nothing is “not known" to the subconscious mind. These names are in the collective unconscious of every person who comes from the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

Let’s take my family for example. The boys are named Marshal and Chester. A marshall is someone like a sheriff. Chester comes from the Latin word for military camp. The father’s name is Neal and that means champion.

Now, I know that when we are naming our sons, we don’t stop to think about these things but perhaps we should. There is magic in names.

In the Bible, Adam named all the animals and that was magic. In primitive cultures, you never give your real name to someone because then they would have power over you. If you don't believe this, wait til next time someone uses your name. See what a difference it males. Names are powerful and It is as if you really did know the meaning of the name when you chose it. Of course, then, in some way, it will suit the boy and the man.

What if we did it the other way around though? Instead of being under the power of the subconscious, we could use the magic to create what we consciously desire.

What if we looked up the meanings of names and chose the ones that had the qualities we consciously want for our sons? What if we eliminated all the names like Lance and Dirk and Helmut and instead chose names like Farid, Lufti, Kevin and Kelleher which mean "one-of-a-kind", "gentle", "handsome" and "loving husband" respectively in Arabic, English and Celt?

Here are the 10 most popular boys’ names in 2002 and their meanings. As you read them, consider whether you would consciously choose this quality for your son.

1.Jacob (Hebrew) supplanter
2.Michael (Hebrew) gift from God
3.Joshua (Hebrew) god is salvation
4.Matthewv (Hebrew) gift of Jehovah
5.Ethan (Hebrew) strong
6.Joseph (Hebrew) may Jehovah give increase
7.Andrew (English and Scottish) manly and brave
8.Christopher (English) one who holds Christ in his heart
9.Daniel (Hebrew) God is my judge
10.Nicholas (Greek) named after Nike, the goddess of victor

I wonder if someone really knew what these names meant if they would still use them.

Here are the most popular boys’ names in 1900 with their meanings. Again, ask yourself if you would consciously choose these qualities for your son.

1.John (Hebrew) Jehovah has been gracious
2.William (French and German) resolute protector
3.James (English) replace or supplant
4.George (Greek) farmer
5.Joseph (Hebrew) may Jehovah give increase
6.Charles (English, German and French) a man
7.Robert (English) famed, bright and shining, a favorite since the Middle Ages
8.Frank (English) a free man
9.Edward (English) a guardian
10.Henry (English) rules his household

In the 2002 list the percentage of Hebrew names has increased from 30% to 70%. Many of the Hebrew names are different kinds of blessings from God.

Here are some more warlike names we could do without:

1.Edgar (Teutonic) rich spear
2.Gerard (T) firm spear
3.Gerald (T) spear power
4.Harold (T) warrior power
5.Ivan (T) archer
6.William (T) helmet
7.Ichabod (Hebrew) the glory is departed
8.Lewis, Louis (French) famous warrior
9.Marcus (Latin) of Mars
10.Oscar (English) bounding warrior
11.Owen (English) young warrior
12.Randolph, house wolf
13.Rudolf (T) wolf of fame
14.Roger (T) spear of fame
15.Tristan (T) mad face
16.Vincent (Latin) conquering
17.Victor (Latin) conqueror

Maybe we could replace them with names of good things, places and plants, like these:

1.Benedict (Latin) Sunday’s child
2.David and Benjamin (Hebrew) beloved
3.Albrecht (English) intelligent
4.Ehren (German) honorable
5.Wilfred (English) resolute peace
6.Edric, power and good fortune
7.Bashshar (Arabic) brings good news
8.Benen (Irish) kind
9.Stillman (English) quiet
10.Demario (Spanish) quiet

Or what about my favorite boy's name, Reuben, which means in Hebrew, "Behold a son."

Language is a powerful subconscious force in our lives. Let's do everything we can to bring peace. Now that you know the meaning of namesFree Web Content, would you consider choosing a boy's name that brings light and love onto the planet?

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