By: Arthur Zulu


Author: Arthur Zulu
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By Arthur Zulu

Figure out this puzzle. What are these? Oropouche, Rocio, Chikungunya, Mokola, Duvenhage. Q. Guanarito, VEE,
LeDantec, Sindbis, Marburg, O’nyongnyong. Yes, give me
your answer.

“Names of new planets" No, come down to earth. “Names of
new fish species" No, come off the river. “Botanical names".
No, leave the forest. “Characters in a Greek drama". No, exit
the theater.

Ok. No idea. Let me help you. Now, try this.

“I am the greatest killer in this century. I was living under
the skin of chimpanzees, till some hungry bushmen invaded
the forest, killed the game and ate us up. From the forest to
the dinner table, I can now be found in the bodies of millions
of persons, destroying their immune systems and sending them to their untimely graves. I have a cousin in this obituary business called HIV. What am I?"

Of course, you got it right -- AIDS. So the saying goes in
some quarters that someday, a plague would wipe out the

But can they be right?

Well, if you see emerging new diseases, some with strange
names as you saw in the above list, you would subscribe. The common trait about these diseases -- old and new, is that
they are deadly and have defied medical cure.

When the Black Death swept ferociously across Europe in the thirteenth century, killing 25 million lives, and defying science, people thought the world was going to end. Well, neither the world nor the siege of deadly microbes came to an end. And there is no guarantee that man will one day discover an Almighty vaccine to wipe out these killer

True, small pox has been eradicated. But look at this list
of oldies that have made a come-back -- Tuberculosis,
Malaria, Cholera, Diphtheria and Bubonic plague. And they
are harvesting millions of souls!

As if these are not enough, dozens of new infectious diseases have been springing up all over the globe. Like Legionnaires disease, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis C, Vibrio cholerae 0139, E. Coli 0157: H7. Human and equine morbilivirus, and several others. Some of them like Ebola, appear and disappear like a magician doing abracadabra.

Even our cows and chickens are getting mad now (no thanks to the rampaging virus.) And soon men will be getting crazy, or preparing to exit the planet. How?

Consider these scenarios. Suppose a deadly plague defying all known cures appears unannounced. Or suppose a disease like AIDS become air-borne so that we get the pathogen by breathing. You breathe in yours while I breathe in mine.

Well, the result will be mass suicide, and apologists of this
theory are betting 50 to 50 that a plague will end the world.

A man must die of something, however. Either of natural
causes like a deadly plague. Or of unnatural causes like plane

But which is better? To die of a disease with an exotic name -- Oropouche, Chikungunya, O’nyongnyong, or to die of one with a familiar name -- AIDS, Ebola, Cholera, Tuberculosis or Bubonic Plague.

You have no choice: soon you will know!

Copyright ? 2002, all rights reserved

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