Effects of Nuclear War

By: Arthur Zulu


Author: Arthur Zulu
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By Arthur Zulu

There is a mad competition going on right now at a closed petrol station by a bunch of rascals. Each one is clutching a
box of matches. Who will be the winner of the contest?
The first person to strike a match!

Now, suppose you were a spectator at the contest. And suppose the rascals not wanting to be beaten in the game,
lit their matches simultaneously. What will happen to you,
the rascals and the filling station? Everyone will vaporize!

But that’s a small thing -- a picnic in a park, when compared
to the threat of the coming thermal nuclear “Armageddon".

Nuclear apologists believe strongly that a nuclear holocaust
is the greatest threat to our survival. So when you talk of the Big Crunch, Asteroids, Space aliens, or a plague wiping
out civilization on earth, the joke is: “Here comes the dreamer!"

True, the idea that man will self-destruct -- destroy himself
in an all - out war, is not new. “War", according to a historian,
“is a constant in history". Right from the ancient times to the present, it has been an instrument for the survival of nations.
No wonder it has been said that if you want peace, prepare
for war.

But soon, that old adage will change to: “If you want to end the world, prepare for war".

Forget the United Nations. Their work does not include the prevention of war, nor the prevention of the world’s destruction.

Look at these quotations and you will find out that this is not a joking matter:

“We are perilously near to a new international anarchy" --
The Washington Post.

“The proliferation of super weapons is now the most dangerous specter facing this planet" -- CRITICAL
MASS by Williams E. Burrows and Roberts Windrem.

“There are now more than 50,000 nuclear weapons, … enough to obliterate a million Hiroshimas… There is little question that our global civilization would be destroyed" -- Carl Sagan.

“The outbreak of the war in 1914 is the great turning point of the history of humanity." -- Peter Munch.

“Everything would get better and better. This was the world
I was born in… Suddenly, unexpectedly, one morning in 1914
the whole thing came to an end" -- Harold Macmillan.

“Civilization is going downhill. Very definitely … when civilization goes downhill, the whole planet goes down" --
Lewis Mumford.

Those are frightening things to hear. But things never have been the same since the world went mad in 1914. Instruments of death were freely used -- poison gas, automatic weapons, huge canons, napalm bombs, atomic bombs.

When two atom bombs landed, one in Hiroshima and the other in Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, thousands perished in a twinkle of an eye - Hiroshima (80,000), Nagasaki (73,000).

Now look at this statistics: World War II took about 55 million lives (four times the casualties of World War I). Yet, all the nuclear weapons possessed by the superpowers equal six thousand Second World Wars! And the nuclear weapons possessed by the United States alone can kill every living human on earth today more than 12 times!

So, forget the millions that died during the world wars (that’s child play). Forget the more than 35 million souls
that have died since the end of world war II in more than 150 wars (that’s a picnic at the Beach). Forget the over 100 million persons that died in the last century alone, from wars and “ethnic cleansing" (that’s women’s war). And do not mind the fact that as you read this, about 12 wars are going on around the world (like a tea party).

But when a full-scale nuclear cataclysm breaks out, this planet will be in darkness, and by the time the thick smoke dissipates, you will raise a high five (just in case you still have five fingers), if you survive. Hear Carl Sagan again: “There ‘s no such thing as a winnable nuclear war because its aftermath would be so appalling that the survivors would envy the dead".

But just before you choose either to die or survive a nuclear war (not to talk of the nuclear winter), let’s see what would happen if nuclear bombs start raining now!

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