By: Arthur Zulu

Author: Arthur Zulu
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By Arthur Zulu

Once upon a time, there lived a madman who wanted to die a horrible death. He thought of two options for the final exit. Option one: Make a gigantic camp fire hotter than the sun and jump into it. Option two: Dive into a sub zero degree ice and bury himself with glacier. Either of the choices seemed appealing to him.

But hold on, before you think that this is a folk story from Mars. The story may soon play out, say some school of thought, who believe it is the world’s fate.

Only that the characterization is wrong. Because the
madman is not the human race but the universe. And
mankind has no choice. The universe will decide which
is a better choice--fire or ice. Either choice is period
for life.

How did we come to have such destiny?

It is because of how the universe started, they say. And how did the universe begin?

Scientists believe that in the beginning, space was one small dense point. Then suddenly this singularity expanded at a terrifying speed, spewing out gigantic stars and galaxies, and has continued to race to Heaven knows only where, ever after.

As to how life eventually began, well, this is biology made easy. Out of this non-living world, someday a micro-organism sprang out of one warm chemical soup in the ocean.

And by
some kind of clever maneuvering, yielded the abundant
variety of living species today, including man. Interesting

Now, it does not matter whether you believe this story or not. Or whether you even fully understand. In fact you are
not supposed to understand it. So, the ignorant you are, the better.

You know that these things happened billions of years ago.
And in those times, before man learnt to write, things
happened spontaneously. Just like that, without any outside

They are not called miracles because scientists don’t live in a world of miracles. Call one the Big Bang, and the other, Evolution. That would suffice.

The scientists are, therefore, saying that the world would end just the why it began. In this case it may either be a bang, or murmur.

Take the first scenario -- the inflation theory. If the universe began by expansion, and has since been stretching out, the believe is that someday, the universe will stretch itself out. And by that time, gases sustaining it would have been sucked out, and the universe will grow dark, cold and unbearable.

The man on earth will not find it funny. Without sun, the vegetation will die, and man starving from hunger and air,
unused to such conditions, will start dropping dead, leaving
the dogs to keep watch.

But they would not even be able to play the watchdog for hey would follow their masters soon. Maybe a few polar animals used to surviving in sub zero temperatures may tarry for a while. And follow later.

The second scenario is the deflation theory. Some imagine
that one day, the universe will stop its expansion to outer
space, and race back to where it began -- collapse on itself!

Now, imagine all the billion stars and galaxies colliding unto themselves, and try to figure out how big the fire will be.
The fiery furnace will just lick the earth’s water in nanoseconds, and life will vanish in the great conflagration.

So, life may go either way say scientists -- what a frightening prospect! And it will happen on the day that the natural forces decide to go mad. And when the universe goes bonkers, not even our planet can save us.

In fact, stars have been exploding and colliding with one another in bizarre space, and no news is made of it. And
that is because no lives are involved. But on the day that
the earth will freeze or explode in fire, there will be
funeral songs and the death drums would sound.

There are funerals, though, when there are survivors. On this day, however, there will be no survivors to compose elegies, or sound funeral drums.

Take comfort though. That day may be long in coming.

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