Librarian in an Academic Library Contribution

By: arulraj and viji


An academic library is the library associated with a degree-granting institution of higher education. Academic libraries are identified by the post secondary institution of which they are a part and provide all of the following;
1.An organized collection of printed or other materials or a combination thereof;
2.A staff trained to provide and interpret such materials as required to meet the informational, cultural, recreational, or educational needs of clientele;
3.An established schedule in which services of the staff are available to clientele; and
4.The physical facilities necessary to support such a collection, staff and schedule.
�To know about librarianship
�To study the present scenario in the Academic libraries.
�To examine the contribution of librarian in the development of Academic library.
�To observe the duty of a librarian
�To make effective suggestions from above objectives.
Librarianship is a noble profession services of mankind is its motto. It is not a business and those entertain mercenary outlook and habits may not be fit for this emulated profession. The word Ethics is derived from Ethas which means custom or character. Ethics of librarianship, an essential element of library profession, denotes the conduct and behaviors of those who adopt the profession.
Present scenario in the Academic library
Most of the academic libraries have large collection of documents such as print and non print materials.
Now a day's information increased exponentially and latest development in information technology. So maximum academic libraries have fully computerized because of information explosion, users' service, greater efficiency and cooperation resource sharing.
Academic library has internet facility for online access e-journals and books.
Development of Academic library why?
Modern library services calls upon the acquisition and procession of a wide variety of materials with which it can render better services to its target students. This is not a skilled job. It demands a sort of dedication that the housewife brings to the running of her home. India is a developing country and the important of libraries and information centers is strongly felt to the extent that information is regarded as vital resources for national development.
Growth of Materials:
The standard library is determined by growth of materials and quality of staff. The library staff purchased new books and journals, audio-visual and documents for growth of academic library.
Growth of sources:
It is a one of the factor of academic library development because the academic library provides different services such as book issue service, reference service, SDI, CAS and digital library service. It invited more students to utilize the academic library.
Duty of Librarian:
Analyze student's needs and provide information they need.
Show students how to efficiently search for information on the internet and in other online resources.
Supervise assistants who prepare cards, computer records, or other access tools that direct students to resources.
Conduct classes
Publicize services
Collect and organize books, pamphlets, manuscripts and other materials in a specific field such as rare books and genealogy.

ï‚?Academic librarian should know about latest development of library and information science.
ï‚?The library staff should have high qualification and research mind in their profession.
ï‚?The library professional may active with bold speak and to attend many conference and workshop in library and information science.
ï‚?The librarian may provide career guidance for students.
ï‚?The librarian may purchase quality and rare book materials.
ï‚?To satisfy the students' requirement information and their needs.
ï‚?The library staff should motivate the students and have awareness about the library service and facility.
ï‚?The library staff must have knowledge management.
In this study the researcher concluded that the involvement and contribution of a librarian in an academic library. The success of academic library depends upon on the quality of the resources, services, facility and well known, skilled knowledge library staff members. The librarian contribution is important part in the development of academic library because; they have satisfied the student's information requirements and their needs.

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