How To TroubleShoot RAM Memory

By: Otis F. Cooper

When you have memory problems,you know you are
limited in your troubleshooting and hopefully you will
be able to resolve the problem quickly.Its a great
idea to first verify the problem exist.

Stupdown and reboot your computer to see if the
problem re-appears.Sometimes rebooting the PC
will correct the problem and you'll be on your way.

Memory problems are normally caused by defective
memory chips,installing the chips wrong,and the
memory being configured improperly.So often,the
suspected memory problem may be due to software,
especially if new software was recently installed.

Many seemingly memory problems are sometimes
problems coming from other components.If you see
error messages on the monitor as the system boots
up,be sure to write the message down for reference
later in troubleshooting.

Memory problems can come from brand new computers.
When this is the case,you'll need to troubleshoot the
computer as a whole.In this case,contacting your PC's
support will be your first line of defense.

If The Computer Fails To Boot,If you installed new
ram memory, check to be sure thememory modules
are completely installed.It may be that they are not
fully seated in their banks.

Check the same even if your computer is brand new.
Installation at the factory often lead to computer failure
by emplyees making mistakes when computer
assembly is done.

If Computer boots but the screen is blank,this is
another syntom of loose memory chips.Another cause
may be you are installing the wrong type of memory.

This problem can also be caused by video display
problems.If the monitor brightness and contrast are
turned down,the blank screen will be the result.And
a loose or uninstalled video card will produce the
same failure.

If Computer Produce Error Codes,write the code or
codes down and look up the codes in your user
manual or support web site.If you install mismatched
memory chips,certain error codes will appear.

If PC boots but all memory not recognized,check to
see if you installed the right type of memory.Again,
even if the computer is new,verify this by contacting
your PC support by phone,or email.

THAT "General-Protection Faults" Error is caused
when two or more software programs are trying to use the
same memory address.In most cases,simply rebooting
the computer will correct this error.


Memory problems are sometimes caused by other
components in the system unit.Dirty and corroded slots
can produce memory bank problems.

There are some good ram memory testing software that
you can download when you suspect your system is having
memory problems.MemMXTest is a utility to test memory
at where you
can download their program.

Gold Memory is a neat stand alone memory testing
shareware at and
you can use it free for the first 30 days.After that you will
need to register the software for just $24.00

Brain Check at
is an online memory test site where,after you sign up for
an account,you can scan your computer's memory in the
hopes of detecting early ram memory problems

Open your computer's system unit and loacte the ram
memory.Do you know what type it is.Do you have the
user manual readily available should you need to quickly
identify your memory chips.

Be well prepared ahead of time to know where your
memory is located in the computerArticle Submission,what type they are
and the indications that your memory is going bad.Take
the time to understand your computer's memory now.


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