Developing a User Friendly

By: S. Reeves,morris.

One of the most important aspects of a successful business in Denver
these days is a good website. And of all the aspects of a website that
teams address, the perspective of the user is the
most important to your success online. If a user has trouble on
your site in any number of ways, chances are they will not
be back. Why should they bother with a website that does not
take their comfort and needs into consideration?And what does
that say about the business itself?

The truth is that while you may think of your website as a relatively
static representation of your business, the user thinks of your site as
an interactive tool. So it is vital that you approach web development,
Denver related or otherwise, with the user in mind. The consumer wants
to feel like they have made a connection with you rather than just
viewing a static page of information.

So how do you accomplish this when planning ?
First of all, take into consideration the different type of user you
will attract. Some people may simply want to browse the pages with
little or no action on their part. They may not be there to purchase
anything, but instead to research an interest. So you need to provide a
user friendly atmosphere for these visitors. This comes in the form of
high quality content. If these people return time and again to do
research on your site, they are more likely to make a purchase in the

The other type of use is online to take some sort of action, either by
purchasing an item or enlisting a company to provide services. For this
visitor, not only do you need to provide a smooth and error-free check
out procedure, customizable search feature, and easy site navigation,
but you also need to provide them with a way to interact with you.

This interaction goes beyond the standard contact page. The people who
are purchasing your goods or services, or even the people who return
time and again for your expertise, are your best sources of feedback.
You wan their opinions on everything from the quality of goods sold to
the preferences of navigation bar styles. They can help you discern new
trends and to identify out of date offerings on your site.

For this kind of feedback, you need to bring the user into your website
in a very interactive manner. This can be accomplished through message
boards, forums, and surveys. You can also compile an email list of
visitors to receive regular newsletters that allow for feedback. Other
good ways to get customers involved in the site is by holding contests
for free items or services.

Above all, always respond to email you get from users. Do not let the
time and effort they invested in interaction with your company be in
vain. Thank them whether their comments are positive or negative. A
negative comment can actually help you more than a positive one can by
showing where change is needed.


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