Voip Billing and Softswitch Software Solution

By: Adore

We have an offer going on.You will get Advanced Version Softphone free with Adore Softswitch and Billing.

By using our Softswitch , user can call from Pc2phone, Pc2pc, Ipphone2phone
and Device 2 phone.

For more information, visit http://www.adoreinfotech.com/softswitch.html

System Requirements

Softswitch runs on Linux for SIP proxy and MS Windows for billing.


Web Based Reporting

a.. ASR Reports
b.. Fully customizable invoice Report
c.. Comprehensive Call History reports
d.. Commission Report
e.. Revenue Report
f.. Export Report to Excel, MS word, RTF, PDF format
g.. Automatic invoice dispatching via email
h.. Traffic reports and charts display in your Web browser
i.. Access your reports from anywhere, anytime
j.. There over 50 management reports, over 10 accounting reports including
aging, credit and charge back and over 10 Operational reports.

Flexible Rate Plan Maintenance

a.. Unlimited number of rating plans supported
b.. Destination based billing
c.. DNIS based Rating
d.. Flexible call costing by day of week and time of day
e.. Stepped or tiered dropping rates per call or per total usage
f.. Rate plans support 1/1, 30/6, 60/6, 60/6 billing
g.. Import Rate Tables directly from TXT files
h.. Export Rate Tables to CSV or TXT file.

Accounts Maintenance ( Softphone & IP Phone Accounts)

a.. Generate prepaid, postpaid, ANI based accounts/PIN
b.. Web based accounts activation and recharge
c.. Add ANI to the accounts
d.. Export the Card Information and PINs and send directly printer
e.. Charge Maintenance, Disconnect, and Activation Fees
f.. Expire cards X days after first date of use
g.. Charge Toll-Free and Payphone Surcharges
h.. Apply Surcharges based on the ANI (Caller ID) or Dialed Number (DNIS)
i.. Play Dollar/Minutes remaining in your card
j.. Allow multiple ANI users for each Account (Great for corporate
k.. Allow End-Users to recharge their Accounts online
l.. Play Messages to callers in the middle of the call

Gatway Supported

a.. Cisco
b.. Quintum
c.. GNU GK
d.. SIP Express Router

CRM Features

a.. Customer provisioning and Management
b.. Agent/Reseller provisioning and Management
c.. CSR can post payments, credits and adjustment
d.. Trouble Ticket Management
e.. Email notification based in predefined criteria

You will get free customized advanced version softphone (which support g723
codec) with the softswitch.In advanced version softphone user can see the
balance and credit time on the skin Itself.

If you have any queries, please let me know. I would be happy to assist you.

For online Demo please contact us : marketing@adoreinfotech.com


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