Overhead Projectors

By: Ibrahim Machiwala

Multimedia Projectors such as Overhead Projectors, LCD displays, audio-visual displays in multi-national organizations are mainly used for making presentations like projects plans, health programs, entertainment and education programs in front of a small or great amount of audience. Marketing firms make regular use of these equipments for drawing valuable clients.

Multimedia / Presentation Systems:
LCD Projectors
Overhead Projectors
DLP Projectors
Transparency Film
Screens / Flip Charts
Trollies / Mobile Stands
White / Notice Board
Laser Pointers

Certain problems can occur in the projection equipment such as, resolution problems, difficulties of displaying slides, boot-up problems etc. These problems can ring alarms of losing valuable clients if proper presentations are not done.

Multimedia equipment repair centers are present to handle any type of problem in any multimedia equipment. These centers offer the total after care solution, and ensure that you get the most when your machine is back working with the minimum of disruption.

Some well-known repair centers offer full repair and servicing facilities on all brands of LCD, video, home theatre projectors, which includes collection and delivery of your faulty equipment, a full diagnostics soak test, cleaning of equipment and a quote at an affordable rates which also includes delivery charges.

The repair centers can also diagnosis the fault of your multimedia system over the telephone and advise you the best course of action, either fix at home or send the projector in for repair, to inspect for minor faults or major faults which could take time and money for the repairs.

In addition to the current models, older models that have become obsolete from the market and the manufacturers can also be repaired by the repair centers that have huge inventory of both old and new parts.

There are very few repair centers for the multimedia and presentation equipments because many instruments are imported from different countries or the qualified engineers are called from Western countries.

One of the few repair centers of multimedia projectors, presentation equipments, engineering survey instruments is 'Graceful Drawing & surveying'. This repair center deals in almost all kinds of survey instruments, for purchase of survey and presentation instruments, repairs and also updating in the hardware of the instruments, Having state of the art equipments to quickly diagnose and repair instruments and skillful and experienced working staff to give 100% quality service to not to let down customers' immediate demands rental rates. GDS deals in the following sections of equipment.

Survey & GPS Systems:
Total Station
Automatic Levels
GPS/GIS Systems
Surveying Instruments
GPS Devices
Surveying Accessories

Instruments used in Surveys:
Aluminum Sextant
Anchor Clock
Antique Compass
Antique Magnifier
Antique Survey Instrument
Ball Watch
Brass Diver's Helmet
Brass Nautical Lamp
Brass Sand Timer
Hand Kaleidoscope
Magnifying Glass
Marine Binocular
Marine Clock
Navigation Telescopes and Binocular
Nautical Lantern
Nautical Microscope
Nautical Mirror
Wooden Binocular

Office Equipment:
Office Products
Binding Machines
Paper Shredder
Ammonia Printing Mac
Note Counters

'Graceful Drawing & Surveying' also handles orders relating to electronic instruments, repair of Digital Cameras, laptop's and other Commercial Electronic equipments.

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