Grand Theory of Everything

By: mcfeer

Theory of everything an unsolved mystery,
on the verge of completion

Mcfeer Yahya

Preliminary study report

In current mainstream physics, a Theory of Everything would unify all the fundamental interactions of nature, which are usually considered to be four in number: gravity, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, and the electromagnetic force .Einstein's dream was to make theory of everything by unifying the forces known at his time .Einstein tried to marry electromagnetic force with Gravity ,without any success. In the sixties Salam , Weinberg ,Glashow succeeded in unifying electromagnetic force and the weak nuclear force into a composite force called electroweak force .Now the people are trying to unify all the 4 forces.


&bullNewton's universal law of gravitation
&bullEinstein found the cause of gravity and many other predictions made in general relativity
&bullGravity to exist as wave, and is created by matter ,energy and Momentum .these waves travel at the speed of light .The waves influence or force decreases as the distance increases i.e, gravitational force decreases as the distance increases
&bullGravity is the weakest among all the 4 forces

Weak nuclear forces

*Standard Model of particle physics, it is due to the exchange of the heavy W and Z bosons.
* Its most familiar effect is beta decay (of neutrons in atomic nuclei) and the associated radioactivity
*weakest among the forces

Strong nuclear force

*The Strong Nuclear Force (also referred to as the strong force) is one of the four basic forces in nature. As its name implies, it is the strongest of the four.
*It has the shortest range, meaning that particles must be extremely close before its effects are felt.
*Its main job is to hold together the subatomic particles of the nucleus (protons, which carry a positive charge, and neutrons, which carry no charge).
*Created due to exchange of meson particles

*The force that the electromagnetic field exerts on electrically charged particles, called the electromagnetic force, is one of the four fundamental forces.
*The electromagnetic force is the one responsible for practically all the phenomena encountered in daily life, with the exception of gravity.
* The forces involved in interactions between atoms can be traced to the electromagnetic force acting on the electrically charged protons and electrons inside the atoms.
* It also includes all forms of chemical phenomena, which arise from interactions between electron orbitals.
*According to quantum electrodynamics, electromagnetic force is the mathematical by-product of interaction of real charged particles with virtual photons. In 3-dimensional space such interaction (with spin-1 virtual particles) results in inverse square law.
*Light is an electromagnetic radiation
* Electromagnetism in atomic level is due to the motion of electrons
Electro weak theory

*unifies electromagnetism and weak nuclear force

Forces are due to exchange of particles i.e,
*strong-meson particles
*Weak-heavy w and z boson

New assumptions of Theory of everything(Mcfeer yahya)

Scientist has been trying to unify 4 forces together to explain TOE.
Gravity and electromagnetism could be explained in a large field ,strong and weak forces cannot be explained along with this ,as these are short ranged forces. In atomic level strong ,weak , electromagnetism can be combined but gravity remains unexplained.
But here I am trying to unify these forces together with a simple formula.

a? Mc =nT?

a? (Y+g? *PT) =nT?
= Represent time .where "a" represent origin and "b" represent end(Dead)

g?= 4 d Space time (representation,geometrical)

LHS represents field and RHS represents source

T = Stress energy tensor
Value of "n" =6 pi?2Max temp/2g
Max temp = 2g
"g"= a force opposite to Max temp
So we can write the value of 'g' as 6 pi ?2

PT (Potentiality)= It is the sum of strengths of all forces i.e, Strength(strong)+Strength(Electromagnetism)+Strength(weak)+Strength(Gravity)

PT was possible because of the fact that I could explain all the forces together in atomic level I have now predicted an atomic gravity,
It is very tiny and the forces many ,many times smaller than Electromagnetism ,it is the weakest of all the forces. It produced by energy and momemtum of massless is due to graviton particles gravity is produced.1)It is The reason why electrons donot collide with one another.we are not considering bohrs model(shell.etc) electrons are moving very fast ,these don't collide with one another is due to this small force.2)atoms hold together because of my atomic gravity. it is a property of my Atomic gravity, it is weakest of all the forces it has a tendency to increase its strength, What it does is it acts over a greater field than before and so on ,one atom to 2 atom etc.that is atoms holds together

Because of my finding of atomic gravity I was able to explain all the forces in atomic scale.

And later I added their respective strength and came to something like a super force

Everything that happens is due to the interaction of forces with matter so I multiplied pt to g
Y is another matrix. Y balances the equation LHS=RHS and it also shows about expansion .My theory predicts that the expansion will increase i.e,accelerate by some amount more and more everytime.

The reason for all of These i.e, field is because of matter energy and momemtum
Using stress energy Tensor I represented them.

Now about time ..,
Origin of the universe according to my theory

Before the big bang matter ,and forces existed. A reaction took place between matter and forces resulted in the increase in temperature . like a huge amount of dust came closer closer resulted in the rise of temperature in the centre.and that portion became a star gravity shaped them and the temperature rose to x at this point the centre portion where the temperature rose electromagnetism and weak combined to form composit force electro weak and later strong also joined this composition the role of gravity was to hold the energy became too much that it exploded and the explosion bounced back to the centre after going away from it this resulted in the temperature to reach a much greater temp z. As the temperature has reached z all elements are now formed. And the later role of gravity is to shape the planets ,star ,universe etc

The end of universe,

The time before b is almost at its final stage the when the star is burned out ,It will become a blackhole or dwarf star ,as said earlier about y, about the fact that y also shows about expansion and that expansion is accelerating on reaching b the expansion will be at its most not just galaxy from galaxy .But from matter to matter and its constituent particles will be separated apart ,the strength of forces will be lost and no force will exist and space time will be lifeless or dead
So time b represents such a stage.

The mystery still continues ...
Much more in the future

This a simple mathematical equation which says it all

This is the preliminary study report of my Grand theory of everything ,Study is in progress and the mystery still continues .I would like you to give me a whole hearted support , suggetions ,valuable advice contribution Research opportunity and all etc .to make my Grand theory of everything a grand success

Mcfeer Yahya

Grade -9
Excelsior English school
Kottayam kerala,


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