3 Simple Steps to turn Failure into Success.

By: Tony Pitwood

3 Simple Steps to turn Failure into Success.

How do you handle failure?

"I refuse to accept it," you say.
"That word has no place in my vocabulary!"

Then you'll have to call it something else.

For failure is common to all.
Especially the most successful of us!

Look at the life-stories of the great and famous, and you will
find that each one faced tremendous discouragements and setbacks,
yet overcame them.

And that's the secret --
Learn to Handle Failure.

1. Affirm your worth.
2. Review the situation.
3. Go at it again with all your worth.

"That's too simplistic!" you snort.

If you know of a better way, please let me know!

1. Affrim Your Worth.

The first step is to realise that failure - making a mistake
- does not mean you are useless.
Any more than falling off a bicycle means you cannot ride.
You get up, learn from your mistake, and try again.

"What does this have to do with affirming?" you ask.

We are, most often, our own worst enemies.

"I blew it -- I'm useless --
"I should be doing something else . . . "

"You've been reading my mail," you mutter.

This is where you need a mentor - a really good friend (I've
got one!) - with whom you can chat, and share your heart-ache!

You certainly don't want to talk to those who will say "I
told you so - I told you you were wasting your time" !!

Because your friend has been through the mill, suffered the
same (or similar) setbacks, they will be able to reassure you
that what you are facing is nothing new.

And just as they came through it (by hard work, good planning
and application) so, too, will you be able to rise above this,
and become a success.


Review the Situation.

This is a critical part of the exercise.

It is essential that you can sit and quietly look at the
situation - identify the problems, weigh up the alternatives,
and then make valid choices as to what you should do to
correct the situation.

This is where you repair to your mentor again.

You do not want them to tell you what to do.

It is imperative that you assess the situation, and look at
your alternatives, yourself.

Otherwise, you'll never grow.

But having made your decision, it is quite alright to check
it out with someone who's travelled this road - been there -
done that - and wears the T-shirt with pride!

"I thought you said these were easy steps," you grumble.

I said "Simple" not "Easy"!!

It is this stage of Reviewing that sorts out the Men from
the Boys - or the Ladies from the Girls!

Something that is not easy, but essential to growth.

3. Go 4 it - with all you're worth!

When you have done the first two steps, this is a piece of

For what you have done is to bring yourself back to where you
started from - the place of Enthusiasm.

Remember how excited you were at the beginning when you set
out on this journey?

This was It! This was what you had been looking for all your
life - your Golden Opportunity - and you were going to grab
it with both hands . . .

It's still there - beckoning!

And you're still here - thanks to your having taken these
first two steps to pick yourself up, and dust yourself off.

Now you have refreshed vision, renewed zeal, and it is up to
you - only you!

Nobody can stop you - you are going to rise to the top.

And when you fall?


"No problem!" you answer, proudly.

"I'll just follow this Good Advice -

and Get Up, Dust Myself Off, and Get Going Again!"

"However diverse their talents, temperaments and differences,
all great achievers have one thing in common;
they never bother to compare themselves with othersFeature Articles,
but are content to run their own race on their own terms."

-- Sydney J. Harris


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