High Performance Thinking Secrets

By: John Colanzi

In part 1 of this 7 part series we discussed the power
of relaxation. Any task we attempt is easier if we are
relaxed, especially mental conditioning.

In this report we're going to discuss visualization.
Visualization is a powerful tool when combined with

Many individuals say they are unable to visualize or
create pictures in their minds.

That's not really true.

They visualize, but because they haven't practiced
controlling their mental pictures, they see what they
want to avoid rather than what they want to accomplish.

Your mind absorbs what you input and that's why so many
of your fears come true.

You can either control your mental pictures or they will
control you.

You will be drawn to any picture you hold long enough
in your minds eye. No wonder so many of us end up
repeating the same negative habit patterns over and

If you want to become prosperous and successful, you
must take control of the movies you play in your mind.

The first step is to make visualizing your more
successful, prosperous self a daily habit.

When you first begin to practice seeing yourself in a
new light, your rational mind will rebel and the doubts
will creep in.

You'll only be able to hold your mental pictures for
short periods of time.

As your practice continues you will be able to hold the
pictures for longer periods of time and you'll be able
to view them in ever greater detail.

If you're wondering if it's worth the effort, I'd like
to give you an example of how powerful visualization is.

When Ali was preparing for his fight against Foreman,
the "experts" gave him little chance of winning.

Foreman was younger, bigger, stronger and hit like a

So what did Ali do?

He went to his training camp and avoided reading all
negative stories about his impending defeat.

He not only began physically training for the fight,
he began mentally rehearsing his reactions to being
hit by Foreman.

Ali knew that there was a possibility of being knocked
unconscious during the fight, but how would he handle it?

He began mentally training his body to wrap his arms
around Foreman and clinch as soon as he felt himself
begin to lose consciousness.

The night of the fight his mental training paid off.

In Ali's own words he admitted there were times in that
fight when he was literally out on his feet.

The only thing that saved him from defeat was his
visualization exercises.

Each time he was hit hard enough to be knocked
unconsciousPsychology Articles, his body took over and held onto Foreman
long enough for Ali to regain his senses.

That night history was made.

All because of the power of Visualization.

Are you ready to make history?

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