Induction Procedure for New Staff

By: Bob Pearce

I.Objective of an Induction Procedure

The objective of an induction procedure is that the employer, business owner or manager will explain to a new employee, and that the new employee will fully understand the following:

a.The objectives of the business or organization, and the objectives of the area in which the new employee will work

b.The business or organizational policies and procedures

c.Their own Key performance Indicators, and how these are related to the Strategic Business Plan

d.All aspects of the employment relationship

e.The organizational structure

f.Communication channels within the business

g.The layout and geography of the workplace

II.Benefits of a proper Induction procedure include:

a.Avoiding any doubt on the part of the new employee, especially in respect of performance and quality aspects of the role

b.Giving the new employee a sense of certainty about their job and the whole working environment

c.Avoiding any possible personal grievance or complaint actions

III.Induction Check List

It is important to have a check list of items to cover during the induction procedure. This may be very simple or extensive, but it will provide a permanent record in the employee's personal file that the procedure was carried out, and the items which were discussed. The sample check list attached can be used as a guide to produce your own, to include other items relevant to your business, or exclude items not relevant.

A Sample Induction Check List is attached at the end of this article.

IV.Further comments to the Induction Check List

a.The business owner or employer should go over the employment Agreement or Contract with particular reference to "out of the ordinary" clauses, and which are beyond the statutory minimum.

b.The new employee should be advised of the business or organizational objectives to help focus the employee where the business is heading.

c.All policies such as Health and Safety, Harassment, Grievance or complaint should be included.

d.The Key Performance Indicators derived from the employee's Job Description should be explained.

e.Guidance on any business or organizational "Culture" should be explained, including the formality or informality of internal or external relationships.

f.The existence of a Strategic Business Plan relating to the future direction of the business, or proposed changes which have already been advised to existing staff should be disclosed.

g.The time that a business "Buddy" or mentor will be available for assistance.

h.What training will be provided as part of the new role.


Induction for: ____________________________Position: ____________________

Appointment Date: ___ / ___ / ___Induction to be completed by: ___ / ___ / ___

Manager's Name & Position: _____________________________________________

Information to be covered - if not applicable mark N/AStaff Initial

BEFORE the staff member starts

Office accommodation and equipment

Confirm office/desk area and office furniture, including any special requirements, diary, stationery etc

Confirm computer availability

Apply for email account, and complete and send off any other computer access forms required

Organise security keys

Internal communications

Inform team of start date of new staff member

Add staff member to distribution lists (including email groups)

Appoint a team "buddy" to assist new staff member in the first week

Send signed offer and employment documentation, including IRD form, New Employee Information Form, Role Description, Date and time of start on first day, Dress code

Draw up list of people the new staff member should meet

Arrange business cards if required


Introduce to Senior Managers

Introduce to team "buddy"

Introduce to rest of team

Provide information on the Company - Structure, Communication and reporting channels, core Processes, policies, goals , future changes

Employment Issues

Hours of work, lunch and tea breaks

Initial discussion/training on the staff member's new role - key tasks and performance measures, personal concerns contact

Holidays/Sickness entitlement. Explain procedures for leave

Who to contact if sick

How and when payment is made, bank forms

Office Arrangements

Location of office/desk, space for work and personal items (e.g. coat)

Phone book, internal phone book, making outside calls

Voicemail system and arrangements for training

Mail systems, times of delivery and collection etc

Location of toilets and other facilities e.g. coffee & tea, water to drink

Where photocopier, fax, basic stationery and other consumables are located, and how equipment works

Car parking


Training on the Email system and software packages

Security and Safety

Confidential statement (if required) signed and policy explained

Supply security access keys, as required, and advise on security given, including what to do if these are lost

How to set and turn off any after hours alarm system

Building evacuation and emergency procedures - emergency exits

Location of first aid cabinet. Information on injury reporting and claims supplied

Any other items discussed:

I acknowledge that the above items have been discussed with me ......................


When this form is completed, please ensure it is filed on the staff member's personal file.

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