How To Exploit Articles

By: Eo Lim

Can you create many articles related to your products?

If you do, this marketing strategy is for you. You can easily move ahead of any competition.

Just do this.

Don't give away articles freely. Just allow unique article per issue of newsletter.


The reason is very easy to understand.

You can kill your profit flooding the industry with your articles.

No doubt you can get high readership. But, the Pavlovian theory will kick in fast on the Internet. Readers soon perceive your articles as commercials. This human behaviour happens all the time.

History had already proven that advertisement banners yield poor result. This is the outcome of overuse.

Some may suggest creating new articles very often. But, why waste time?

Here's how you do.

You just need to write a batch of articles first. Then, circulate them in other people's newsletters one by one. Readers will perceive your content fresh and rare. It boosts your credibility to higher ground. You can exploit this psychological weakness.

Give exclusive publishing rights of an article to one newsletter per issue. Never allow more than one publisher send out the same article at the same time.

Most people subscribes to many different newsletters. Never floods them with same article. It is often perceived as spamming. Don't take the risk.

Besides, most publishers avoid competition.

They want unique and exclusive content for newsletters.

One thing to take note is that the publishers are not allowed to store your article in archive.

Imagine this.

If you've 50 articles, this means 50 publishers promote your product. Each article is published in just one newsletter at a time. Rotate different article in every issue. Your readers will get different content. They'll cherish the information like gold.

Assume a publisher sends 1 article every month. It will take 50 months before you give a new batch of articles. You can save time to create more solid information.

What is the potential profit you can make?

Let's see the worst case scenario.

A publisher has an average of 10,000 readers. One percent of them may be your customers. That will be around 100 every month. It means you'll have about 5,000 potential customers from 50 chosen publishers.

Remember, this is the estimated value.

This strategy generally pulls in more earnings than the usual way of playing the number game. Since you play with psychological influence of scarcity, the sales percentage is usually much higher.

To further boost your sales, be selective in choosing your partners. Seek out those newsletters with big readership and responsive subscribers. Give 3-months trial before you commit long term partnership with newsletter owners.

You can also offer long term resale rights to your partners who actively generate leads for you.

The call is yours. This strategy is better than blasting the industry with your articles.

By the way, do you've problem writing articles?

You may think that creating 50 articles is time consuming and difficult. In fact, it is not.

There's one method without cracking your brain.

The usual way is to write 50 articles with different subject. Why not create them from just one topic? You just need to rehash the content of the first article.

Here're 6 proven tricks you can use;

  1. Change to different headline.
  2. Re-arrange the structure of your article.
  3. Include a storyline.
  4. Weave testimony of customer into a story.
  5. List one benefit of your product.
  6. Show the strength and weakness of your product.

Another lazy method is to hire ghost writer. This usually generates more sales faster.

Start doing this now! Be different!

Create article network by working only with productive partners.

Provide solid content in your article. It is like a public relation expert.

If you've 1,000 articles on 1,000 sites, it is like having 1,000 public relation experts out there telling people about you 24 hours a day.

That is how you make money on the Internet.

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