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About Us
A Home Away from Home
Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd, an ISO 9001 certified Dormitory Management Company, leads the way with quality housing solutions for foreign workers.

Established in 2005, Vobis Enterprise, an associate of Aik Chuan Construction Pte Ltd, is Singapore's leading specialist in foreign workers' accommodations. With foreign workers increasingly becoming the backbone of urbanization, we offer employers the ideal solution to finding a place of residence for their foreign employees.

We are dedicated to providing foreign workers with safe, comfortable, modern housing at affordable rates.

With our seven dormitories located in various parts of Singapore, Vobis Enterprise is able to provide housing for up to 39,500 foreign workers. Approved by BCA (Building Construction Authority) and MOM (Ministry of Manpower), our dormitories are managed by a team of dedicated and experienced staff who aim to make them a home away from home for our residents.
Products & Services
  • Secure Environment
Safety in our dormitories is not taken for granted. Each of our managed dormitories has a 24-hour security system in place, comprising both professional security personnel and CCTV. Each resident is issued an identity tag that is required for admission into the premises. These tags are computer programmed and can be disabled if lost. Visitors to the dormitories all need to register at the security post, and no visitation is permitted beyond 11 pm.

Vobis Enterprise Pte Ltd is committed to ensuring that the residents of its dormitories are well cared for, providing them with a modern, safe and comfortable home away from home.
  • Social Facilities
Aware of the tremendous emotional strain felt by many workers in a foreign land, we have furnished our dormitories with recreational facilities to help residents relax and mingle. These include well-equipped gyms, reading rooms, television rooms, internet rooms and general function rooms.

An array of outdoor sports facilities such as basketball , badminton and sepak takraw courts are also available. There is even a fitness corner for those so inclined. Apart from these physical facilities, Vobis Enterprise also organises social events such as education fairs and health awareness exhibitions for its residents.
  • Sanitary Living Conditions
Dormitory rooms are spacious, measuring up to 48 sqm and can comfortably house up to 12 people each. Regular maintenance by our professional staff also ensures a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Ample toilet and shower facilities are provided on each floor to amply meet the needs of all residents.

Dormitory Location:

1) Soon Lee Lodge: 31 Soon Lee Lodge Singapore 628087

Capacity: 4,500

2) Murai Lodge II : 1A Murai Farmway Singapore 709154

Capacity: 8,000

3) Simpang Lodge I: 2B Yishun Avenue 7 Singapore 768929

Capacity: 4,000

4) Cochrane Lodge I: 51 Admiralty Road West Singapore 757443

Capacity: 5,000

5) Cochrane Lodge II: 49 Admiralty Road West Singapore 757444

Capacity: 4,000

6) Mandai Lodge : 595 Mandai Road Singapore 729758

Capacity: 2,000

7) Kranji Lodge: near Kranji Loop

Capacity: 12,000

Tel 6890 6333
Tel 6890 6333
Tel 6890 6333
Tel 6890 6333
Tel 6890 6333
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