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They are having an exclusive deal with up to 35% discount menu.
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6 Nov 2012 21:47:56
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*SCAPE #03-01, 2 Orchard Link 237978
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VivoCity #02-131/132, 1 Harbourfront Walk 098585
Tel 6376 9970
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They are having an exclusive deal with up to 35% discount menu.
This is a restaurant with a nice view of the strait between main land Singapore and Sentosa. If you are lucky, you may also catch some fireworks from the crane dance show over at RWS.The Salad with Poached Egg was fresh and nice with the different components coming together. Unfortunately the vegetables were a bit wet which meant they were washed but but dried probably.The Burger definitely nailed it. The patty was beautifully cooked and topped with an egg. The bun was also lightly toasted to give some texture and crunch. The meat was tender and slipped off the bone easily. The sauce unfortunately was a bit disappointing. The dessert was classic and good. It disappeared from the plate almost in an instant.
I went to white dog cafe with a group of friends to celebrate one of our buddy\'s birthday. We went on a weekday so the place was not really crowded. Being a roast chicken avid fan, I was thrilled to see that on the menu. Without hesitation, I ordered that. The chicken was very juicy and tender. It was drenched in tasty gravy along side with broiled vegetables, garden salad and potato. It was a delicious platter.
Went there with colleagues for dinner. They were having set lunch promotion so thought we could give it a try. A few tables were filled when we entered, maybe it was because we went during the late lunch hour, around 1.30 to 2pm. The ambience was pretty good, we could see the scenery of Sentosa across the waters, cables threading in the air, beautiful fluffy candy floss with true sky blue as its background. It was a nice and relaxing sight after a whole busy morning of work. Orders were taken and waiter explained when we couldn\'t understand some of the items listed on the menu. It wasn\'t long before food came. Nice presentation at first sight. Looks and smells great. The set lunch includes salad with various nuts, soup with bread, mains.
We were at VivoCity and after doing our shopping we settled down for lunch at White Dog Café The menu looked interesting and the décor was bright and cheery Food-wise though, it’s pretty good. While the prices aren’t low, the portion sizes make it very worth it. A note of caution though, the appetizers are big enough to qualify as small mains so I wouldn’t order both
Cheap and nice 3 course lunch set from $10.90++, include a White Dog Waldorf Salad, a Soup and a main course. White dog cafe offered a variety of choices (~18) for the main course, much more than what is usually offered in other restaurants.White dog Waldorf Salad and Soup of your choice You can choose Veloute of White Dory or Barley Chicken Broth.White dory cream soup sounds fishy and weird initially, but it turn out to be quite ok, quite smooth and not fishy. There is a slice of garlic bread to go with the soup, quote crispy and nice. Nothing much about the salad, but the walnut did add some contrast to the greens.Grilled Pork Chop with Prune and Apple Salsa Pork was nicely charred, not too tough and quite fragrant.The prune and apple salsa doesn\'t look appetizing but it does compliment the pork well and is not too sweet. Portion of the meat was small, but should be sufficient for the average as the mains are served with a small portion of raisin organic brown rice.There is much room for improvement for their service. Never sight a single smile from the gloomy waiteresses and it also took quite a while for them to settle the bill. Nonetheless, will still be back again as the food is relatively cheap.
Located just a few doors away from the much talked about Kim Gary, White Dog Cafe hosts its own steady stream of customers in its simple yet cosy interior with a view of Sentosa to boot. The menu is interestingly done up to mimic the spots of the Dalmatian. Other than that, nothing else seems to suggest why the outfit is named White Dog Cafe. Soup of the day - This was plain lousy. The soup was way too salty and tasted like cabbage soup with some small balls of meat in it. The accompanying garlic bread was equally bad, coming across as slip shod and bland. Deep Fried Breaded Beef with Japanese Mayo - This was recommended to me by the waiter and it sort of blew me away with its quality (this is not a compliment in case you are wondering). The bread coating was way too thick and the beef was tasteless. It was no different from eating deep fried crispy bread. Probably the only thing that was still okay was the rice. Ironical isn\'t it Etoile - My dessert of a specialty cake, the Etoile, which is essentially a dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse. Sadly, it didn\'t meet expectations. The outer layer of dark chocolate did look like dark chocolate, but certainly didn\'t taste like it. I couldn\'t detect any bitterness or strong chocolate taste for that matter. The chocolate mousse was bland and the cake wasn\'t spongy. Terribly done if you ask me and I\'m very sure the cakes aren\'t made in house. If they are, its time to change a new pastry chef. A disappointing lunch for 2 pax cost in excess of $30. Not really expensive price wise, but factor in the quality of food and you have a no brainer conclusion. I will not be back. I guess that pretty much sums it all up doesn\'t it
Decided to try white dog cafe upon chanced as there was no queue and the name sounds quite creative! HAHA! But sadly, not much of doggies display. AHHA!I ordered the Fried Dory Fish with rice. The sauce was tar tar sauce. Normal, but for the price, rather not worth it. By the way, u can changed the rice to fries if you want. Sweet and Sour Fish was ordered by one of my friend. Really tastes like normal neighbourhood "Tze Char" stalls standards, not worth it for the price again! Another friend ordered chicken chop with sauce. This is not too bad.Salmon with rice tasted normal too, and as you can see, the salmon is in so small portion! But i\'ve to be fair and say most other restaurant is the same too, salmon related dish is always small portion! HAHA!Then it\'s time for desserts. I tasted my friend\'s ordered, rather normal too! In conclusion, I think that it\'s not worth it to dine here, although the scenary towards SENTOSA is rather nice. Portions for all food are rather small too ad tastes decent only! However, if you notice, most vivocity restaurants and cafe are always packed with people and need to queue, thus, if you are willing to compromise quality of food with waiting time, den white dog cafe suits you.
We didn\'t have to wait long at the entrance before we were attended to.We were quickly ushered to the window seat with a spectacular view of Sentosa.The waiter introduce us to the set dinner menu as we didn\'t know what to order.The starter plate consist of seafood tomato broth, sauteed mussels and calamari rings.The seafood tomato broth consist of really fresh seafood.The shrimp is big and succulent and the clear soup comes in just the right taste.I cleaned up the entire bowl.Main course consist of pan fried salmon fillet, duo german sausage, grilled striploin steak and mushroom aglio olio.Default for steak is medium rare so if you want it well done, you have to mention when ordering.My favorite of the night is the mushroom aglio olio although I find the mushroom a little salty.However, the flavoring use to cook the pasta taste awesome!We ended the meal by sharing a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.Love how the chocolate came flowing out when we cut the cake.The entire set dinner cost $52++ for two pax.Add on dessert at $4.90++ plus 2 drinks, total bill came to about $75.
We were at VivoCity and after doing our shoppingwe settled down for lunch at White Dog Café The menu looked interesting and the décor was bright and cheery Triple Mushroom Soup -was pretty generic but quite good all the same. Definitely wasn’t canned, because it was a proper mushroom puree chockfull of mushroom bits. The accompanying garlic bread was good but tasted as though it had been soaked in butter,a bit too greasy for me sandwich -was huge, and very generous with the turkey slices. The turkey ham had a nice smoky flavour as well. Food-wise though, it’s pretty good. While the prices aren’t low, the portion sizes make it very worth it. A note of caution though, the appetizers are big enough to qualify as small mains so I wouldn’t order both
Went to White Dog Cafe to chil with friends. We ordered the Classic Beef Burger which had a really nice handmade beef patty! The bread was super fresh too! There was a generous portion of vegetables too! It is very healthy. Overall, I have to admit I really enjoyed eating the burger! Yummilicious burger indeed!
At first when me & my friend passed by we tot that was a pet cafe ordered their grilled chicken leg with soft mashed potatoes, drizzled with delicious sauce It\'s nice! In addition, their choc cake with vanilla ice cream is very delicious too! The cake is moist, unlike other choc cakes that are too dry. Very rich and flavourful! overall i rate 8/10
My friend wanted to treat the few of us for helping him, since he was the one treating, we let him picked the venue. After much discussion, we headed to white dog café for dinner. I ordered the blackened dory fish. It was delicious. the fish was very fresh, it was not mushy mushy. I love the salad that went with it. it was very fresh as well, very crunchy. An absolute delicious meal.
White Dog Cafe is located at the level 2 of Vivo City, a rather unsuspecting small restaurant from the outside, plain and simple decoration at their small door that you might usually miss it if you just walk pass the whole bunch of restaurants along the row. Inside the restaurant, however, it is rather spacious and it is just the deceiving entrance that makes it look small from the outside. They don\'t really have a white dog that is alive there, but their decoration and menu design does incorporate some themes of a white dog. Nothing to do with the food though. This restaurant serves mainly Western cuisine with some French, Italian or Japanese influence in their dishes. I\'ve tried their pasta with mussels and their fish and chips. Both taste normal and ok, which is exactly like how you would expect them. Nothing special or no weird twist, which can be considered as a safe restaurant to eat where the food turns out exactly how you expect it to be. Not so much for those who are adventurous. Therefore I would say this restaurant is so so, nothing that makes it stand out among other similar Western cuisine restaurants or any dishes that I would strongly recommend. Their set lunch that I tried is ok, basically it is the main dish that comes along with a soup, some coleslaw and a slice of garlic bread. It allows you to try a bit of everything at a low price, but the portion is too small for my liking, including the main dish. So not recommended for those who like to eat their heart outs. One minor plus point is that since the restaurant is at the level 2 of Vivo city on the side facing sentosa, you can enjoy a little bit of "ocean view" and can see the resorts world quite clearly from the restaurant. Not really an attraction though considering quite a number of Vivo city restaurants in that row have the same view and it is not really that spectacular either. My verdict: Not recommended, small portion, overpriced, not bad taste.
White dog cafe is one of the other restaurants that has the pretty sea view. My friends and I decided to try their set lunch which comes with a soup, main course and coffee or tea. They do have quite a few main courses for you to choose from, I tried their cheesey almond fried chicken, it was not bad, crispy and i like the cheesey taste. Soup was fine, not those bland watery soup some restaurants served. Overall service is good!
Although it may seems weird placing pineapple together with the pork chop but what I have got to say is that it turns out really well and the pork chop is really tender! I can\'t really remember how much a plate of this costs but from my memory, it\'s around SGD12+ and I really like it. However, one sad thing was that the potato was very bitter which I didn\'t find out from the waitress why was that so. Overall, not a bad choice.
Love the tomato seafood pasta as it is my all-time favourite pasta!!The seafood is fresh and the tomato sauce is juicy!! The portion of the pasta is just nice and the price-wise is reasonable. Will patronize white dog cafe again as ambience and food are thumb-ups!
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