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Woody Family Cafe's Newest Creation, the blue curacao infused drink Frosty Blue Monkey Sam and Jenny Lamb Shank Rendang Devil’s Curry Chicken Dory Fish Tempra Volcanic Spicy Peranakan Buffalo Wings Mango Salad Homely Hangout Cosy corner Homey Bar
Their speciality is the Buffalo Wings. Must order dish here. The chicken wings are crispy and flavourful, you just can't stop after first bite. The more you eat, the more spicy but you just won't stop. The only thing can help to reduce the hotness is drink more. Wonderful place to hang out with friends or family.
hotttttttt... Buffalo wings. it really not those usual type. i enjoy sweating and spicing my stomach all the way up to my brain. thumbs up.
Woody family cafe established its first outlet in 12F Andrews Avenue Sembawang Straits Estate, 12 Andrews Avenue, (S)759930 6758 1185 Nearest Bus Stop - Bus 882 Walking 2 mins from bus stop B58089 Nearest MRT station - Sembawang MRT (NS11) Walking 32 mins from Exit D to her
They are a family restaurant. They serve both western and peranakan food. You may hold events there as well.
Not your usual Buffalo Wings @ Woody Family Cafe! These mild-spicy chicken wings are crispy & so flavourful, makes you wanting for more. Great place to chill out, & you must try their desserts too!
My first Peranakan fusion meal! The food and deserts are very unique and it's a great, cozy place to hang out with family or friends. Definitely a hidden gem.
Another hidden gem in Sembawang! There's a huge range of creative and unique dishes, be it Peranakan or Western.
Try out their Peranakan fusion cuisine, once you taste it you will fall in love with it. Join as a member to receive 25% off total bill on your bday month.
viiew more here ! , the pictures will simply make you hungry =D
the banana cake taste damn great