About Us

Xcellent Debt Recovery is an experienced debt collection agency in Singapore committed to helping hard-working business owners and accounts receivable departments collect the funds that are rightfully theirs.
Engaging a debt recovery agency like us reduces stress on accounts receivable departments and helps businesses with debt collection in a way that recovers some lost funds instead of none at all. Xcellent Debt Recovery is a professional debt collection company.

We operate within legal and ethical boundaries when pursuing debtors. Generally, we will take on a case and begin contacting the debtor via phone and through traditional post mail. The initial letter will alert the debtor that their case has been handed over to the agency and inform them of their rights under the law. Communication will grow more persistent until the debtor is contacted and the debt paid.

Our methods and tactics are effective in most cases. Debt collection is our business and we will do our best to resolve collection cases and receive compensation.

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