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Yumeya Japanese Restaurant
If you are one to adore rare delicacies like the sea urchin sashimi or seasonal cod fish sperm, then make your way down to the Yumeya Japanese Restaurant, a cosy dining space that resides at the corner of Mohammed Sultan Roa.
Yumeya Japanese Restaurant located at 33 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-01 S238977. This restaurant serves Japanese cuisine.
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27 Nov 2013 14:36:26
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Diners can look forward to a fresh assemblage of traditional Japanese delicacies that are not commonly served in the local scene, alongside a full selection of fine Japanese sake and shochu to complete a well-rounded Japanese dining experience.

With a culinary history that dates back to more than 7 years ago, Chef-Owner Mr. Lee Loon is true to his passion in preparing exquisite Japanese cuisine. Importing the bulk of his ingredients fresh from Japan a few times a week, the gastronomic delights that Chef Loon weaves out from his kitchen look set to tease the appetites with its exquisite presentation, and appease with its piquant tastes.

Do keep a lookout for the monthly specials where hard-to-find seasonal items will be painstakingly brought into the local scene just to offer a more distinct selection for the adventurous souls. The month of December sees the offering of rare items such as the Shirako Ponzu ($18) which is the cod fish sperm served in a bowl of aromatic vinegar sauce.



Yumeya Japanese Restaurant #01-01, 33 Mohamed Sultan Road 238977
Tel 6887 0282
Tel 6455 9160
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Yumeya Japanese Restaurant located at 33 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-01 S238977. This restaurant serves Japanese cuisine.
just come here with friends yesterday... like the sashimi.. :D
A cosy dining experience where we enjoy the freshest of sashimi !
they have very nice sashimi and California rolls
they got nice Sashimi, nice presentation and ambiance too.
Traditional Jap food, Tasty
Truly mouth watering food! Love the presentation and ambiance too.
We had a group gathering & last minutes we can\'t reserved any table & just nice this restaurant don\'t need any reservation so we went in for a try We had mixed mushrooms - with mix of shitake, enoki & shimeji mushrooms. They came in a buttery white wine sauce which was good, but they were a bit too heavy handed with the garlic, which overpowered the flavour of the mushrooms. We also tried their mixed sushi which was a bit expensive &just tasted normal & also rice with green tea & ume soup mix,though the sour plum did provide a refreshing but it was really too sour ,not really used to it Food just so so but service was good!! Overall i rate 7/10
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