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Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
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Ah Yat Seafood is famous for their affordable and delicious dim sum buffet. At certain times in the afternoon, the dim sum buffet can go for as low as 40% off! Now where in Singapore can you find such a bargain? If you drive, have no worries, parking is in abundance at Turf Club.

Must try dishes are xiao long baos, coffee liu sha bao, vinegar pork throttles, deep fried mango shrimp rolls and glutinous rice.

Operating hours:

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm @ $18++
Dinner: 6pm to 9:15 @ $30++

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Shaw Towers #01-26/38, 100 Beach Road 189702
Tel 6299 3773
Hotel Grand Pacific #01-06, 101 Victoria Street 188018
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The Grandstand #03-01/02, 200 Turf Club Road 287994
Tel 6883 2112 6875 1980
8 @ TradeHub 21 #01-35 , 8 Boon Lay Way 609964
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DIM SUM BUFFET Ah Yat Seafood is famous for their affordable and delicious dim sum buffet. At certain times in the afternoon, the dim sum buffet can go for as low as 40% off! Now where in Singapore can you find such a bargain? If you drive, have no worries, parking is in abundance at Turf Club. Must try dishes are xiao long baos, coffee liu sha bao, vinegar pork throttles, deep fried mango shrimp rolls and glutinous rice. Operating hours: Lunch: 12pm to 3pm @ $18++ Dinner: 6pm to 9:15 @ $30++
One of the nicest place that you can eat! if you prefer to have seafood dinner, this is the place to go. they have everything fresh. good for family gathering since you have a lot of options that you can enjoy.
Huge portion of the century egg porridge and tasty too.
My hubby drove the family to the bird park ah yat seafood for dim sum breakfast. Since both of us took leave on a weekday, we could not miss the chance of their fifty percent dim sum discount. I must say their selection of the dim sum dishes is really a lot. We ordered two bowls of their century egg porridge to share between the four of us. We thought the portion would be quite small and we will have a few mouths each, but when they served it to us, the portion was pretty huge. By the time my hubby and I finished the bowl of century porridge, we were quite full. The porridge was really tasty. it was very thick and filling. There were other dim sum like har gou, siew mai and char siew bao that were really good. they used the freshest ingredients.
i went to ah yat seafood restaurant for dim sum yet again. On weekdays, the discount for dim sum is fifty percent, a whole ten percent more than weekends. Their dim sum quality is really good. I have to say that their baked mini egg tarts is really good. a portion comes with three egg tarts. The egg tarts are really small, bite size. The custard is not too sweet as well. I am a little disappointed with their xiao long bao, the skin of the xiao long bao is pretty thick and their xiao long bao is rather large in size. But the soup inside was tasty and not too salty.
For my weekend family meal, we headed to ah yat seafood at the branch near jurong bird park. There were only four of us yet we ordered quite a lot of food. They had some specialty dim sum where they push on the cart. My mum ordered this fried milk. My sister and I were kind of curious how could they fry milk but somehow they did and it was really good. it was deep fried on the outside and the filling was the milk. The milk was a little too sweet for me, but I guess it was unique. Their siew mai is really cool, they top it off with fish roe, the siew mai was so tasty and juicy, the meat they used was really fresh.
I went with my girlfriend’s family to ah yat seafood restaurant for dim sum breakfast. Apparently on weekends they have forty percent discount on their dim sum which makes it very reasonable. My girlfriend’s parents ordered quite a number of dishes but two of the dishes that left an impression on me was the deep fried seafood roll and the steam chicken claw with home made sauce. The seafood roll was wrapped around with fried noodles. The outer coating was very crispy. The seafood inside is very fresh and the meat is very sweet. The chicken claw is very tender and easy to eat. I must say the homemade sauce is really good. it is not too salty.
Been buying a lot of deals online recently and came across the Ah Yat’s deal that Alldealsasia featured. I spent $35 in total for an 8 course meal. http://www.alldealsasia.com/deals/ah-yat-seafood-restaurant-8-course-meal The first dish was Sichuan Chicken which is actually a starter and therefore the small portion. Usually, the soup in the set course dinner that Chinese Restaurant offers are just pure shark’s fin soup, but this restaurant actually combine pumpkin soup with lobster and shark’s fin. It’s something new for me. Call me a pumpkin but I have never tried pumpkin soup before. Really love the combination and the lingering taste that it leaves in your mouth that sets you craving for more. Salted egg prawn is another must eat dish when you patronize the restaurant. The egg yolk which is rich and fragrant complements the freshness of the prawn. Pan fried fillet was not as oily as I expected. A tasty yet light fish dish. Next was Vegetables in abalone sauce. Well, I am not a big fan of vegetables. So, you will have to try it yourself for the review! Ee Fu Noodles taste much nicer than it looks. This is my favourite dish out of all. The desserts were almond cream with bird nest and some nut cookies. Didn’t try the cookies as I was too full. Although the portion looks small, the 8 course dinner caused me to hit the gym the very next day!
Ah yat is good for their seafood, and also their dim sum. If you go during lunch time, there is even 50% off for most of the items. But do bear in mind if there are any leftovers, you can packet home but it will be separated calculated as original price. The dim sum came rather fast and all came at the same time. So it\'s kind of rushy to eat especially when you ordered quite a lot and afraid there are no spaces left on the table. No doubt the food came hot, and was delicious.
We decided to drop by Turf City one Sunday evening and have dinner at one of the seafood restaurants. How we ended up at Ah Yat, I have no idea, especially when my last dinner at the Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim outlet turned out to be a disaster. To be fair, that was quite a few years ago so things might have improved? The interior of the restaurant was a stark contrast to its surroundings. Soothing but a little gaudy versus partially smashed bare concrete, displaced steel wires/nails and loud drilling noises. Yes, the entire Turf City is under renovation and only a handful of units remain open ( I counted 3 - Owen Seafood, Ah Yat & Giant). Shark\'s Fin Soup - Decently sized with slivers of shark\'s fin and crab meat, the broth was a little too starchy and salty for my liking. Thankfully the serving of fried, albeit overly oily bean sprouts helped to alleviate this dish by introducing water content as well as a wonderful crunch to it. It\'s interesting how sometimes the humblest of produce can help turn a dish around. Oyster with Garlic - For our set, we had a choice of Bamboo Clam or Oyster and I chose the latter. And honestly, I couldn\'t quite make out any taste other than garlic because it was just so overwhelming. Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber - I am usually not a big fan of abalone and Ah Yat\'s well known dish just wasn\'t about to convert me. The abalone was of decent size (6 head) and a little chewy, though I did find it a little on the salty side. The accompanying sea cucumber and mushroom were decent but failed to leave much of an impression. Peking Duck - The peking duck was an additional order we craved meat. And it didn\'t turn out to be a very wise decision. Though the skin was crisp, both the meat and crepe were too dry. Felt very much like eating roast duck - nothing special. Fried Rice - Although the lack of ingredients was apparent (there was only egg yolk and dried scallop slivers), this dish had a nice wok hei to it and each individual grain was evenly coated and didn\'t come across as too oily. Be warned that the dried scallops should be eaten together with the rice as the salt content is rather high and might prove unbearable if eaten alone. Overall the meal wasn\'t fantastic and even the more expensive ingredients didn\'t quite justify the price, at about $210 for 3 pax. Service was decent but I highly doubt I will ever return. See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2012/05/ah-yat-seafood-ii.html
Knowing that Ah Yat has an offer for dim sums, we made our way there for dim sum. We ordered a mixture of dim sum and main dishes since the main dishes also looks quite good. The jellyfish is highly recommended by the staff so we ordered that. It is as she has claimed, very appetising and the jellyfish is quite qq and crunchy. All of us loved it. The dim sum dishes are all at 40% off but in our opinion the dim sum is just average and the quality matters more instead of the price. The best dim sum dish would have to be the har gow for the fresh tasting prawns. The rest are just normal and not worth trying. Service here however is not too good as it is quite hard to get the attention of the wait staff, so that is something that the restaurant should improve on.
Was doing some grocery shopping at this gigantic ghost town and this place seems to be the only decent place to serve Chinese food. We had some tea to start off and I must say that their chrysanthemum tea is really fragrant. We had a couple of dishes but the only good one was the har gao. The prawns taste fresh and crisp and the skin was well made.
went for ah yat dimsum lunch on 1st jan to celebrate my uncle\'s 61st birthday, and there was a 40% discount on sunday. The food was great, with quite alot of varieties to choose from. The dimsum came piping hot and that made it even enjoyable! However when we requested to packet some of the left over, they told us that they would have to charge for a one time original price of that particular dish because it was at a discount of 40% and they were to packet for us, they won\'t earn. We decided not to packet home and finished up the remaining food. I do understand such policy from the restaurant and it was really an enjoyable and tasty lunch at 40% discount!
if you visit Ah Yat on weekday lunch time, you get a whooping 50% OFF dim sum!!!! There aren’t many dim sum dishes to choose from, but most dim sum staples are available and at half price, dim sum becomes really affordable!The most impressive dish was surprisingly, the Deep Fried Seafood Roll. It is some deep fried flour noodle-like strands on the outside with fresh seafood bits inside.So the dim sum here is rather decent and cheap too, around $2-$3 per dish after discount. The restaurant wasn’t too crowded too (perhaps it’s a weekday) and it’s a great place to have cheap and decent dim sum brunch!
At Ah Yat, not only do they serve their signature large abalone dishes, different types of dim sums are also available here.Love their glutinous rice with pork meat wrap in banana leafs as is really fragrant and delicious!The char siew bao also taste equally good too!Price of the foods here is quite affordable so you can enjoy the delicious chinese crusines without having a hole in your pocket!My verdict: 7/10
I was here on a Sunday afternoon and the reception area was filled with people waiting for seats. I made a reservation in the morning but the person claimed that I did not, because it was not in the book. Realizing that she might have forgotten to write it down, she told us to wait a while and gave us a table shortly after. The dim sum here is sweet, good and fresh, with lots of prawns. The pricing is affordable too. Some of my favorites are the chives crystal dumplings and the prawn dumpling with scallop. They are very sweet and juicy and the skin is thin and chewy. The presentation is not very attractive, but the food definitely is.
Went there one early afternoon for some dim sum breakfast. The restaurant is quiet, apart from dishes clashing onto each other. The head waitress was extremely apathetic and expressionless. When asked for dishes to recommend, she mentioned "it depends on what you want". True, but she should have carried on explaining what kind of dishes are suitable for bla bla bla. The female captain was much better with smiles and alertness. Food was a little disappointing. The Char Siew Su reeked of pork smell, we forced ourselves to chew it down while trying our best not to inhale through our nose. The yam fritter and egg tart were much better but again, nothing I have never tasted before.
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