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How viable is it for one to own a car here in Singapore today? Many of us are aware of the sky-rocketing prices of vehicles in Singapore with the escalating COE and cost price of vehicles causing people to think twice before making their purchase. Having a car has its perks and drawbacks.

Does the positive effect of car ownership really outweigh the negative effects or does the opposite hold true? Many have switched to public transportation due to the increase in traffic congestion in Singapore. Most feel that taking the public transport is cheaper and it also helps them get to places faster.

Even so, there will be certain occasions where it is more convenient to travel by car instead of commuting via public transportation. Therefore, what are the options for Singaporeans who do not own a car, but want to rent one instead? And are the car rental rates more affordable than buying one?


Our company strictly adheres to our mission statement of putting our customers’ needs first. We believe in giving our customers the most desirable service and ensure that they attain satisfaction whenever they employ our services. We strive to achieve excellence in our products offering and provide the best rates and prices for our customers.

With well-maintained and clean cars, our customers’ comfort is guaranteed when they drive our cars. We also offer the rental of GPS systems in our cars, helping those who are still new to the roads of Singapore. We understand how tricky the roads may be especially for P plate drivers who have just started driving. Our employees are committed to serving our customers and satisfying their needs and wants.

We train them comprehensively so that they are able to handle any situation or resolve problems encountered by our customers. AKA Car Rental only provides the best for our customers and will always strive to cultivate and maintain good relationships with them.

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