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pass by ben and jerry's today. could not resist the temptation. Their ice cream is delicious. My favourite brand of ice cream
Check out their 1 for 1 promo :)
Ben & Jerry's free cone day on 9 April 2013!
Ben & Jerry's - Get 2 regular cups at $15 with Free Toppings, Till 28 Feb 2013 Terms & Conditions apply: *Valid at Ben and Jerry’s VivoCity, Ben & Jerry’s Cathay, Ben andJerry’s Dempsey, Ben and Jerry’s Great World City, Ben and Jerry’s Rochester Mall, Ben and Jerry’s Raffles City, Ben and Jerry’s United Square Promotion valid from 15 Jan 2013 – 28 Feb 2013. Not valid with any other promotions or discounts
My all time fav would always be Strawberry Cheesecake!
cozy place for hang out with friends. I and my friends always come here to chill out and enjoy the delicious ice cream :)
Relax in the cozy place at Ben & Jerry's not only offering ice cream, but friendly dining with a wide selection of desserts, beverages and ice cream. Rich receipes, the finest ingredients and slow melting creaminess ice cream at reasonable price.
My favourite ice cream and cozy place for hang out!
Ice cream lovers, this is Ben & Jerry's promotion!!
Yummy choco chip & cookie dough!
The ice-cream is soooo soo delicious.. It is very fresh and everytime i want to look for ben & jerry, the only place i will head down to is to the zoo!
great place for chill out! (:
It was a family outing to the Zoo. We decided to take a break in this ice cream cafe to share a Banana Spilt before proceed to have more fun. Banana spilt is good to be shared among with family and it is even better for banana lover like myself. I got to choose 3 flavours of the ice cream of my choice. I selected the chocolate, the strawberr and the mint flavour. Theys served it with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce. All the flavours go well with the banana. We enjoyed it.
This is one of my favourite hang out venue with my friends and colleagues when we are all craving for ice creams and at the same time wanted to find a nice cozy venue to have a very long good chat together.The prices stated on their menus may not be cheap, but I can assure you the premium ice creams which going to be served t your table will delight your taste buds.My usual choices will be their dark chocolate, vanilla and oreo flavours.All are equally delicious.
I like Ben & Jerry\'s as their ice-cream is really nice. My favourite flavour is Cherry Garcia and no matter what I eat, the flavour of my ice-cream would be Cherry Garcia. As I like banana too, I decided to get the banana fudge royal, which consists of 1 scoop of ice-cream, banana, fudge and 2 dry toppings. I usually get this as the banana split has 3 scoops of ice-cream and I wouldn\'t be able to finish it on my own. For my toppings, I would choose rainbow balls and rainbow rice. Together, it makes a perfect dessert just after lunch. It costs $8.90 and looking at it, the price is quite acceptable. I like Ben & Jerry\'s although the ice-cream is a little too sweet. Still, ice-cream is perfect and Ben & Jerry\'s definitely is! (:
The unique chunks of chocolate, caramel or simply anything sweet found in each flavour makes the ice cream stands out. They are not overwhelmingly sweet, just nice for my liking. This flavour is caramel based and for a caramel lover, I would give it a thumb\'s up especially since it came with the caramelized chunky bits that simply made the eating experience a very shiok one
Fancy a wide range of mixture of ice-cream? Having a sweet-tooth ache? How about trying out Ben & Jerry\'s ? Ben & Jerry offers a wide variety of ice-cream and its\' different mixture. All creamy, thick and sweet! Ben and Jerry is definitely a good place for meet up after dinner. A group of friends ordering a different flavor could be a good way for you to try the different flavors they offer! It is a definitely must-try! The competition between ice-cream makers with the rise of home made ice-cream?Ben and Jerry still has its\' place in the creamy, thick, sweet and special ice-cream market!
Ben and Jerry ice cream is as nice as Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbin for me. So sometimes I just opted for anyone of them when I feel hot and thirsty. This was the three scoops of different flavours of ice cream sandwiched by two bread like cookies. The ice cream is coffee, chocolate and mint flavour.This was actually my lunch or tea time as I was having heavy breakfast in the morning already.
This flavour of icecream is called New York Super Fudge Chunk and it consists of white and dark chocolate chunks, pecans and walnuts. Although the chocolate icecream wasnt as good as i thought because it doesnt have much of chocolate taste, the nuts helped to improve the whole eating experience. The nuts and chunks were of generous portion and the nuts were fragrant. However, i find that the white chocolate chunks taste slighty weird.
Had some cravings for ice cream for desserts so head to ben and jerry for their ice cream. Had the coffee flavour, cookie dough and milk and cookies. It was quite nice but a little too sweet with the caramel sauce on top of the ice cream. The waffle biscuit was also crispy and goes well with the ice cream. As it was a friday night, the place was very crowded and noisy also.
Quality fine ice cream can certainly be found at Ben & Jerry outlets, which certainly include this branch at Jurong Hill as well.The ice cream is really fragrant and filled with generous amount of dark chocolate and it is very creamy.Although it may be abit too sweet, but the quality and the good taste of it will certainly make you forget how sinful these ice cream.The price is quite high and may not be as affordable for the children and students.
Back with another sweet treat! Don\'t you just love sweet and cold treats in this sweltering heat? I love ice creams, from B&J\'s especially! I ordered a cone with a scoop of their original chocolate... mmm - yummy. I love how their chocolate ice creams are very different from others. Theirs is always thick and full of cocoa. An extremely rich and full of taste. Can\'t help but go back for more the next time. Yumyumz!
Ordered the waffle bowl with 3 scoops of icecream to share! We had the chocolate and banana icecream with coloured sprinkles and chocolate drizzle! It was really good! Love the taste and consistency of the icecream though i think Ben and Jerry\'s ice cream is always a little too sweet. The waffle was crispy and tasty as well! Though it may be a little to hard, it was good! Good night out!
I love cheesecakes so I naturally love ice cream with cheesecake flavour and only premium ice cream parlours like ben and jerry offer this flavour. Although it was a small cup, the ice cream was really rich enough to satisfy one. Mostly cheesecake flavoured, with a tinge of strawberry flavour, every spoon of ice cream was immensely satisfying. The biscuit crumbs within the ice cream gave some crunch to it. It would have been better if there were fresh strawberry toppings over.
I was craving some ice cream and since Ben and Jerry\'s is the nearest place to have ice creams, my hubby decide to oblige me even though they are rather expensive. I went for the good old chocolate flavour and I was not disappointed with the chocolate at all. It is really thick and intense and it gave me a chocolate high with the large amount of cocoa. Chocolate is good for health in moderate amounts so I am not complaining at all. Chocolate lovers should definitely try this since the chocolate intensity is there and it is hence worth the higher price.
Due to the hot weather and after a long walk around the zoo, we decided to chill at the small ben & jerry’s outlet located in Ah Meng’s Restaurant. The choices were not many, so we were quite restricted to choose the flavours. I chose chocolate, vanilla and cookies n cream. Apparently, the girl at the counter heard me wrong and gave me coffee instead of cookies n cream, and I only realized it when we sat down to indulge in the ice cream. The coffee was horrible and too strong for my liking. The vanilla was okay. The chocolate was also too overwhelming and tasted weird. Worst experience ever. Maybe next time, I’ll just by normal ice cream for the vendors along the path.
Cant recall the name of the ice cream, but you will be able to choose 3 different flavours of ice cream, with 2 toppings and 1 syrup. We had mango sorbet, strawberry ripple and cookies n cream. The mango sorbet was too sour for my liking, and the mango also tasted weird. The strawberry ripple was nice and not too sweet. The cookies n cream was also not that bad, but I had tasted better.
This wide biscuit basket is filled with my all time favourite chocolate and vanillia ice creams.The basket waffle biscuit is reallly crispy and fill with lots of butp ter fragrant.The ice creams without my saying, is definitely one of the best ice cream in town. Added some M&M choclates to add on the crunchiness to this dessert during every mouthful of it. Some honey sauce are added to it too to add on that extra taste to it.The presentation is awesome and definitely will be well like by the younger groups out there.Spending: Approximately SGD 25(Tea)
Ben and Jerry\'s had been famous for their Delicious ice cream. I am an ice cream lover, especially when i feel stress, ice cream had never failed to calm me down. If you happened to go to Ben and Jerry\'s, have a look at their table. They just looked so cute This ice cream really taste good and refreshing, both ice cream and strawberry flavor. Furthermore, they are more than just ice cream, as you can still found slices of strawberry there. If only it is not that expensive, I\'d definitely go there more often
Ben and Jerry\'s serves delicious ice cream! I like their fish food and berry flavour. The berry sorbet is refreshing and is tangy and sour in taste. Really good for a hot day! It refreshes the senses and sweetness is mixed together with the sour. The fish food is chocolately and filled with delicious bits
The queue for free cone day was super long, and I almost waited for an hour for my turn. I had the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour which is essentially sinfully rich chocolate ice cream blended with soft chewy brownie bits inside. Chocolate lovers will not be disappointed!
It was Free Cone Day and my friends and I decided to try our luck at the Ben & Jerry\'s branch at Rochester Park.Newly opened, we did not expect a very long queue but boy were we surprised.The queue was snaking right and left at 215pm, made up of mostly secondary and jc students!We queued a total of 3 times and I tried Clusterfluff, Strawberry Cheesecake and Phish food.It was my first time trying all 3 flavours and I found Clusterfluff too sweet for my liking.I liked the sweet and salty taste but found the caramel clusters too overpowering.Next, I tried the strawberry cheesecake and this flavour is by far my favourite!The perfect blend of strawberry, cheesecake and graham crackers made this cone very enjoyable.The third flavor I tried was Phish Food, which we got (for free!) in a pint-sized tub.I am not a fan of chocolate ice cream but I really liked the gooey marshmallows! Taste Test: 8.5/10 Overall: Incredibly worth it if its free! We queued for a total of 90 minutes and ate almost $15 of ice cream free!Spending: Approximately SGD 5
I tried out the coffee coffee flavour of Ben & Jerrys recently, since my hubby was in the mood for icecream,which we both shared. I must say, its creamy, thick, rich, sticky & sweet. Coffee generally acts as an instant energizer, the ice cream too helped energise us on a lazy afternoon. It had a lovely strong coffee flavour. Im a great fan of Ben & jerry\'s & I think their ice creams are the RICH. A little expensive compared to normal ice creams, but worth it :-).
who doesn\'t love Ben & Jerry\'s ? I always had a hard time deciding which flavor to order. This time I tried some special sundae, it\'s not banana split but some banana royale or something can\'t remember the name. So you get to choose the ice cream flavor, sauce and topping and they will add sliced banana in. For mine, it\'s a combination of Chocolate therapy, sliced banana, caramel and sliced almonds. Awesome!!! lol
It\'s Ben & Jerry\'s new ice cream flavour! "Everything but the..." It has chocolate and vanilla ice cream, mixed with lots of goodies, like fudge bars, health bar chunks, peanut butter cups, white chocolate chunks, almonds I sampled it at the store, and bout 1 tub of that home. When I finally scooped out a bowlful, it was very pleasing to the palate. Although I might say this is definitely on the sweet side, I like how I get different chunks of goodies in every bite.
After enjoying a breathtaking view from the MBS skypark, the bff and I decided to have some ice cream so we train-ed to city hall as fast as possible in hopes that Ben&jerry\'s would still be open and our efforts didn\'t go to waste.hehe. Got myself a waffle dish with Sweet cookies and cream and Chocolate Therapy. Chocolate therapy is the bomb!!!!!Havent tasted any chocolate ice cream that tastes like it,really. For those of you who havent tried it yet,you\'re losing out on ALOT!GO TRY ITTT!!!
I always like to stick to the basic flavours, so I ordered a single scoop of chocolate ice cream. The chocolate ice cream here is definitely one of the better ones that I had. The ice cream is firstly very creamy and I could taste the real chocolate flavour, unmasked by excessive sugar. That is a very important point for me regarding chocolate ice creams, since I do not really like sweetened chocolate. This chocolate ice cream retains the chocolate flavour without being overly sweet or bitter. I would come for this again anytime!
This Ben & Jerry place is unique because it is inside one of the shop. And we sat at the outdoor area and there\'s people singing and playing music! It was rather a relaxing place plus you can see the night view because it is at the 8th storey of orchard central! Ordered waffle icecream of ben & jerry. Love the icecream of cookies and cream together with the crispy waffle below plus chocolate rice as toppings! It is a nice place to chill out and eat icecream!
One fine afternoon, i went to The Cathay with my boyfriend for a movie. While waiting our moive to start, we walked around The Cathay and come across Ben & Jerry! It states that we can have our ice-cream for only $6 for each movie ticket shown. So we went in and quickly ordered for it. We chose flowerbowl, cream topping, granolas and strawberry cheesecake! It was only $6 which i think its really worth it.
It\'s ice cream again..!!! Bens & Jerry\'s icecream is very creamy. I like the vanilla flavor one. Especially when it melts.It taste like vanilla drink.My friend say that why am i so weird. But that\'s real me. This choco flavor one is also ok.But it is a bit too sweet for me. Maybe i really dont like choco flavor ice cream.
Ice cream is one of my guilty indulgences and I mostly choose to have my ice creams at Ben & Jerry\'s. They have quite a few outlets in town which makes it convenient for me to have it after shopping. My hubby and I had a small cup each, and we chose the chocolate as well as the cookies and cream flavour. I normally dislike chocolate ice creams, but I really loved the one at Ben & Jerry\'s. The chocolate taste is very rich and the plus point is that it isn\'t too cloyingly sweet. I also tasted a little of the cookies and cream ice cream and I found it to be very nice as well.
As I was on my way home from a friend\'s place, I decided to drop by at Dempsey Rd and grab myself a pint of ice cream. Every time I land in their store, I find myself extremely confused as I love all their flavors and everything always looks so good! I love peanut butter cups in general but I have never expected it to go so well with ice cream I was surprised to find that they actually had Peanut Butter Cups Ice Cream! which was basically peanut butter ice cream (creamy) with chunks of peanut butter cups! The ice cream tasted so good. I like the contrast in taste of the peanut butter along with chunks of peanut butter cups - which were huge! The ice cream was really creamy and the peanut butter cups were delicious. I probably finished half the pint! It\'s a great combination and definitely something new!
When I think of ice cream, I will immediately think of Ben & Jerry\'s. They have real "mean" ice cream...I meant they have such delicious ice cream that I cannot refuse them whenever I see an outlet. I liked their chuncky monkey and vanilla flavour best. Occasionally i will have the strawberry cheesecake because I am a strawberry lover. Their ice creams are so creamy and thick and with each different flavour you put into your mouth, you can let your sense of taste do its work.
Ben & Jerry\'s is definitely one of my favorite places to get pints and pints of ice cream. Unlike most ice cream outlets that serve pure flavors, Ben & Jerry\'scombines other things into their ice cream to create an identity which makes it stand out from the rest. This time round, I decided to get the chocolate fudge brownie which is basically chocolate ice cream with chunks of brownies in it. The amount of brownies in the ice cream was just right and it made the chocolate ice cream stand out. I can always count on Ben & Jerry\'s to make my day! P.s Look out for free cone day that happens every year!
Bought some to stash at home. Rather pricey at around $23 for 2 tubs. It\'s easy to finish a tub by myself in 15 minutes! Love all their flavours. Cute names and nice designs on the boxes. And the flavours are creative and unique. Love the Smores especially as I love marshmallows in my ice cream. The peanut butter is good too as it\'s nice and gooey. When left to soften a bit, it gets even sweeter. Didn\'t want to only have a little cup of their ice cream so bought home a coupl eof tubs for the frige.
Very super overpriced for ice cream and ice cream cakes and sundaes. I remember having these overseas and it was only less than one third what it costs here. Nothing very special about the ice creams. The flavours are unique and the blends are interesting but otherwise, the ice cream itself is not anything special. There are better ice creams in Cold Storage from UK... Lots of X\'mas stuff on sale now. Ice cream log cakes are pretty popular. The store is pretty much always empty because it can cost $18 for a simply sundae!
ben and jerry ice cream is special.. with various toppings internally.. there are single ice creams as well i ordered the dark chocolate ice cream and vanilla .. and topped with M&Ms and whipped cream on top of the brownie~!! it was fantastic.. good mixture.. i would love to try other ice creams with brownie again~!
had birthday celebration with classmates at Ben & jerry to celebrate our class rep\'s birthday. We ordered a birthday cake and eat the cake there. I also ordered waffle ice cream to share with friends because Ben & Jerry is one of my favorite ice cream. I just simply can\'t resist the temptation. I choose the Chocolate ice creams and nuts toppings with waffles. i love the general presentation of this dessert and the taste is really fantastic. No wonder there are so many people love about Ben & Jerry because this is really a comfort food and it definitely works on me! the texture of the ice cream plus the combination of chocolate syrup and toppings make it a sweet dessert that you will never say no but request for more.
mint chocolate chunks ice cream I love Ben & Jerry\'s mint chocolate chunks ice cream, its simply yummy! Love their minty taste which is so refreshing, and go very well with their chocolate chunks! It really make you refreshing (bcos of the mint) and feeling sweet (chocolate chunks) at the same time! Slurps!!!
Had a craving for ice-cream and wanted to eat at Ben and Jerry. Luckily i was Vivocity and they had a stall there. I had the small cup of Toffee Do Crunch ice cream. It is made of vanilla ice cream with chunk of toffee. Although the ice cream is sweet, you can alway help youself to the cold plain water that they have at the counter.
Sweet cream & cookies ($5) Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Whole and Broken Chocolate Sandwich Cookies The cookies looks and taste like oreo biscuit. The ice cream is very creamy actually. It is great to have this cup of ice cream coz the weather at sentosa is hot that day. And i have to eat quickly before the sun melts the ice cream.
I was first introduced to Ben and Jerry by my sis, and have fallen in love with it ever since. The unique chunks of chocolate, caramel or simply anything sweet found in each flavour makes the ice cream stands out. They are not overwhelmingly sweet, just nice for my liking. This flavour is caramel based and for a caramel lover, I would give it a thumb\'s up especially since it came with the caramelized chunky bits that simply made the eating experience a very shiok one
Sentosa is really a hot place. Icecream is my rescuer.I like the creamy and the cookies. It\'s nice,not too sweet.The sweetness is just right. The icecream is soft and smooth.And,it also quite easy to get melt.For me,this vanilla is quite sweet,but still ok,because of the milk taste. Actually,these icecream is just normal,nothing very special. But maybe because of i\'m too hot and tired. So i super like these icecream. However,it\'s quite expensive. Spending: Approximately SGD 5
Sweet cream & cookies ($5) Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Whole and Broken Chocolate Sandwich Cookies The cookies looks and taste like oreo biscuit. The ice cream is very creamy actually. It is great to have this cup of ice cream coz the weather at sentosa is hot that day.And i have to eat quickly before the sun melts the ice cream.
Toffee Do crunch ($5) Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunks of English Toffee Crunch The ice cream is a lil too sweet but it is really chilling so i dont mind the sweetness! Moreover, the crunchiness of the toffee crunch makes it full with different texture. But $5 for a small cup is a bit too expensive for me.
sweet cream & cookies (small cup $5) Went to SEntosa with friends and the weather is very hot so i bought a scoop of ice cream when we passed by the Ben & Jerry stall. I tried on few flavours of ice cream and decided to have this "Sweet cream & cookies". It is very chilling and rich in flavour. The texture is quite creamy and a bit too sweet for me. Anyway, it\'s quite a quality ice cream among others.
After Few months later i was dining at ben&jerry. what i bought was waffles with 3 scoops of ice-cream with whipped cream , caramel sauce and topping of M&M.Doesn\'t it sound so delicious! the 3 scoops of ice-cream were Chocolate therapy,cookie dough and cookies and cream. you know i really love cookies and chocolate and also i have not tried any of this flavours yet but you know what they tasted so heavenly. when you cut it with the soft waffles and take a tiny scoop of the ice with the caramel sauce and m&m...hmmmmmmmmmmm yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you should try this flavours. they are really very nice.
Met my cousin for some dessert at Ben&Jerry\'s and we decided to share a Brownie Special.. It basically comes with 2 scoops of ice cream and i loooove pairing up the brownie with a scoop of chocolate fudge brownie and sweet cookies and cream. With some chocolate sauce on top,I can surely say it\'ll taste like the BOMB. We had peanut toppings and No whipped cream(bcos i hate it).
This was when I went shopping with my mum at town and she wanted to have some ice cream so i brought her to B&J at heeren She loooves banana split so i got her that and it comes with 3 scoops of ice cream atop the banana(it kinda melted by the time i took the pic) and its topped with chocolate fudge..(We can either ask for caramel or chocolate sauce)..and we had peanut toppings.. Instead of whipped cream,we had the waffle biscuit. STILL not a fan of banana split though Spending: Approximately SGD 8
Ben & Jerry\'s has to be one of my favourite ice cream! Their constant new additions of flavours just makes making a trip down to Ben & Jerry\'s so much more exciting. I personally like the cokie dough flavour and half baked! Very unique flavours served. Their staff are also very friendly. The live band is awesome too!
My favorite flavors from ben & jerry ice cream- strawberry cheesecake (in picture), cookie dough (must try), cherry gracia. The strawberry cheesecake comes creamy and cheesy with a touch of stawberry, which give it a refreshing and not \'ge-lat\' taste. love it. cookie dough is a must try- lots of chewy doughs inside the ice cream, smooth and addictive from the chewy dough, a little sweet but still acceptable. cherry lovers will like this, most of my friends dont like this flavors but i like it, cherry touch with chunky dark chocolate bits inside the ice cream. nice For the above cup size, which i usually ordered cost ard $4+ to 5+ (cant remember the exact as i m always too excited to eat the ice cream) I usually go to the one at cathay because its near my school and the place is more quiet and nice for chilling.
ben & jerry ice cream ( chocolate fudge brownie ) First time I have Ben & Jerry\'s Ice cream. Heard that the ice cream is very nice but din\'t have a try coz it is quite expensive. Finally I managed to buy this to share it with my friend. We were quite excited to have this, and we choose this flavour coz we both love chocolate. The ice cream is a bit rough but mixed with the brownie cubes that was awesome. ButSpending: Approximately SGD 5(Other)
the philosophy of life is simple! get a sweet frozen treat when u are feeling down! I used to be addicted to their chocolate fudge brownies ice cream (im a chocolate fans), Then, one day when i was trolling at the huge selection of ice cream at the cathay, i came across the Cookie Dough! The Cookie Dough pieces in the ice cream are rounded into little small ball shapes and all contain the most scrumptious Chocolate Chips which truely do make it the best Cookie Dough I\'ve ever tasted!! it is just plain delicious! what can you ask for more?? p/s: apologize on the photos, it is too tasty and haven get to snap before all gone!
It\'s a hot Saturday afternoon and we decided to go a cool treat. We drove to one of our favourite ice-cream cafe, \'Ben & Jerry\'s\'.We like the one at the Dempsey Road. It has a nice ambiance. We ordered a brownies with two scoops of ice-cream, Toffee-Do Crunch and Black raspberry frozen yogurt. The black raspberry was refreshing. It always nice to have a sour taste to compliment the sweetness of the brownies.I ordered a single scoope \'coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz\' favour ice-cream. Personally, I didn\'t really the chocolate in the ice-cream. I really like the setting of this restaurant. A nice place to spend a relaxing afternoon. But the downside is that the toppings are slightly more expansive than other branches.
Ben & Jerry\'s! Never failed to make my day! Love their ice cream, strawberry chesecake and chunky monkey are my favourite for now The staff are also always very friendly and smiling to you, just makes eating ice cream much more happy thank you ben & jerry\'s for your awesome ice cream and customer service Spending: Approximately SGD 5
Ben n Jerry\'s is a worldwide famous ice cream brand for a good reason. I simply love their ice cream with their unique and delicious flavours available. One a trip down to Orchard Road, me and my friend decided to head down to grab a cone from that awesome shop! We ordered strawberry cheesecake flavours. I love that flavour with all the cheesecake biscuit bits in it. Making the experience all the more enticing.
When it comes to ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s will be the first that comes to my mind! Absolutely love their cookie dough flavour! Their strawberry cheesecake flavour is awesome too! So nice to have a cone/cup on such warm days nowadays. Love their free cone day too! Haha, what are you waiting for? Hurry, grab one the next time you pass by Ben and Jerry’s
This Ben & Jerry is one of my favorite ice cream too. I just simply can\'t resist the temptation. I choose the Chocolate ice creams and nuts toppings. i love the general presentation of this dessert and the taste is really fantastic. No wonder there are so many people love about Ben & Jerry because this is really a comfort food and it definitely works on me! the texture of the ice cream plus the combination of chocolate syrup and toppings make it a sweet dessert that you will never say no but request for more.
This has been my current favorite flavor from the Scoop Shop and sadly, it is only available there and not the supermarkets. And, what exactly is Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz? It is coffee ice cream with expresso bean fudge chunks. It has a distinct coffee taste and fudge chunks give it a bitsy texture. This is love of many coffee lovers like myself. And, it has been one of my favorite for quite a long while now. I am buzzing on my coffee while writing this review and missed eating this. Highly recommended.
Chocolate fudge brownie.........in a tub! would you think of that. chocolate richness added with brownie fudge, the perfect combi for a chocolate lover like me. the chocolate ice cream at ben and jerry\'s is the best in terms of taste and richness. it was soft and creamy and the sweetness is just right for my tastebuds.
i had the ben and jerry banana sundae today. it consist of 2 long bananas, and 2 huge scoops of chocolate ice cream. complete with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chopped peanuts that gave the extra crunch. it made for a refreshing and yet sinful treat. the banana wasa nice complement to the sweet ice cream. the ice cream was certainly anice way to beat the heat in singapore.
For ben and jerry, it is much more worth to get a pint and share with friends rather than having a scope each. However, when trying out new flavors, i will still prefer to get in a cup in the case that i regret my choice. I had the clusterfluff and phish food to share with my friend. Even for someone with sweet tooth like me, i think that clusterfluff is too much. The only thing that i like about this ice cream is the crispy peanut butter part. Phish food on the other hand, is great. This flavor has been around for the longest time ever, but i had never tried it before since i always go for macadamia or new york chocolate fudge. The staffs are friendly and helpful. They will prompt to recommend flavors
The weather is getting crazily hot again. And, a nice way to freshen up is none other than hide away in some air-con place to have a superb cold drinks or ice cream. Whenever i think of ice cream, i will think of Ben & Jerry. And today happened to be one of those days that i got a crazy crave for ice-cream. One of the nicest thing to visit their Scoop Shop is to try some of the flavors not available in the Supermarkets. I spotted the Mint Chocolate Chunks and do not remember seeing it before thus i wanted it. It has an intense mint taste and if you are a lover of Mint then this flavor would definitely makes you happy. It is Mint ice cream with fudge chunks. I do like it but i still prefer their Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz to this. The ice cream came in a scoop of big perfect ball and that itself helped to brighten my day. Highly recommended.Spending: Approximately SGD 4.90
There was free ice cream some time back, where you had to play some facebook game to earn the coupon. I think they were testing out the new flavor. Greedy as I was, I had 2 coupons - 2 scoops of ice cream. The service was good and did not bring down the service level even though we were simply there for the free ice cream. It was peanut butter flavor, with peanuts in it. Both my friends and I find it too sweet for an ice cream. There were some peanut butter in it too and was too much. Towards the end, it was too sweet and got sick of it.
Ben & Jerry\'s at Dempsey is a nice place to chill after dinner. And who doesn\'t love Ben & Jerry\'s ? I always had a hard time deciding which flavor to order. This time I tried some special sundae, it\'s not banana split but some banana royale or something can\'t remember the name. So you get to choose the ice cream flavor, sauce and topping and they will add sliced banana in. For mine, it\'s a combination of Chocolate therapy, sliced banana, caramel and sliced almonds. Awesome!!!
Ben & Jerry are always known for their high quality ice cream. And a trip to the shop will surely satisfy any ice cream cravings due to their large choices available. I just so happened to go on a day that I am craving for their chocolate macadamia and yet, they do not have in their shop. So in the end i settled for my all time favorite, the new york super fudge. Huge chunks of milk and white chocolate and crunchy pecans and almond. It has everything that an ideal ice cream should have, except for the macadamia nuts. But one cant be so greedy. Too bad that the waffle cones are not crispy enough. There are many tables and chairs available in the shop, which is practically empty throughout my time at the shop.Spending: Approximately SGD 5
One of the happiest moments in life is none other than enjoying your favorite ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry\'s with your loved ones. Ben & Jerry\'s gave away free scoop of their new clusterfluff flavor ice cream during their launch period. You might be wondering what exactly is Clusterfluff? It is simply clusters of caramel pieces in peanut butter ice-cream with swirls of marshmallow and peanut butter. You will love it if you are a big fan of peanut butter like me! I enjoyed this new flavor quite a bit but it can be a little too sweet if you happened to eat a big chunk of peanut butter cluster from the ice cream but the caramel pieces gave it the bitty texture which i liked. To add on, Ben & Jerry\'s has got one of the best customer service. I made a comment on their facebook and i was contacted almost immediately. They asked to compensate my disappointing experience by offering to send a tub of ice cream over to my house. They still replaced it with vouchers when i informed them i wouldn\'t be in town to receive it. It was really a nice surprise when i gotten their mail containing the vouchers and a stick-on pad. Ben & Jerry\'s is definitely one of the good reasons to make me smile.
I\'m totally in love with their strawberry cheesecake ice cream! It not too sweet and taste unique due to the cheesecake crumps that is added to the strawberry ice cream. However I think that it\'s a little too pricey for an ice cream. i would recommend you to bring your friends along and order any one of their combo, it will be more worth it as there are usually free toppings. Watch out for Ben & Jerry\'s free cone day! They will be giving out free scoops of ice cream! However be prepared to queue!
Weird combination of ice cream as my friend wanted a fruity sorbet and I wanted something chocolatey. Waffle bowl was crispy and probably the only part of the ice cream I truly enjoyed. Price wise was a little confusing as it differed from the price shown on the menu board. When asked how many scoops of ice cream I can choose, staff said that I am allowed 2 scoops. However, upon making payment, I realised that I was charged extra for the "additional" scoop that I ordered.
I love ben and jerry\'s ice cream! Strawberry cheesecake ice cream from ben and jerry wins all other kind of strawberry cheesecake. Trust me, i have tried strawberry cheesecake of all kinds and nothing can win Ben and Jerry! Expensive though but it is very much worth it. You just got to try it.
The name says it all! Ben & Jerry, the ice cream maestro that promise any sweet tooth glutton the space of imagination and appease the desire of their insulin hungry bodies! Was at the Dempsey outlet as my cravings on ice cream was long due and thus went straight to their waffles! What more can i say with the usual satisfying mode of ice cream lingering within my taste bud! A boosting dessert from fatigue after a long day of work! You know this is the desset joint to be in!
The best ice cream in the world and well you can\'t help but notice the staffs are pleasant looking. I think it\'s too much of a steal for guys. Anyway back to ice cream, I personally think that ice cream in tubs are more worthy - bigger portion. You know you got to do your money calculation when it comes to ben & jerry\'s. The price is horrible. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. But it\'s an amazing treat that you wouldn\'t want to miss. Too precious to miss. I tried this half baked for my first time and like always, i mean really who doesn\'t, i fall in love with it. The chocolate and vanilla ice cream filled with chunks of cookie and fudge. The Best.
Have you ever noticed that there are few things in this world that have the power to bring you happiness in an instant. And, amongst the few things, ice cream by Ben & Jerry has such a power. Sometimes, when i am feeling really down or tired, the only thing that crossed my mind is my favourite ice cream from Ben & Jerry, it has an unexplained magical power to rejuvenate and to energize me. Today happened to be one of those down days, and thanks to this small little yummilicious cup of \'Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz\' and now, i am back to my old self and happy again! \'Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz\' has a distinct and nice coffee taste, it is recommended for all coffee lovers! Spending: Approximately SGD 4.00
I am a mint lover, anyything that has got mint flavour, i would defintely go for the mint flavour one.I love Ben & Jerry\'s mint chocolate chunks ice cream, its simply yummy! Love their minty taste which is so refreshing, and go very well with their chocolate chunks! It really make you refreshing (bcos of the mint) and feeling sweet (chocolate chunks) at the same time! Slurps!!!
I\'ve been a huge fan of Ben&Jerry\'s since I was a kid. In fact i\'m enjoying a tub now as i\'m typing this review. My friend had a double scoop voucher so he decided to treat my other friend and I to it. We decided on the cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie flavors. They were great. We were also allowed on one free topping too, I chose the hot fudge syrup. I really love the chunks of the sugar cookie dough and the richness of the chocolate ice-cream flavors. The new york super fudge chunk is really awesome too. Ben & Jerry\'s has also been known for their funky and cool layout that always feels welcoming to kids with open arms.Spending: Approximately SGD 0(Tea)
Delicious ice-cream with assorted flavors. One of my favourite brands of ice cream. Though this location is a bit out of place from where I stay, but none the less, it's a good chill out place for a small cozy group of youths or family (:
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